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24 Oct, 2012Jennifer ( Hey Matt,As I sit here in my office chair I watch your vodeis frequently and daydream about seeing all the places you have been to!I love your style and your humor and your intelligence that comes through in your vodeis and interviews.If you are ever near Sacramento, Calif our group of about 50 people would LOVE to dance with you! We will teach you an easy dance. Solana 
17 May, 2008jimmy ()Shabla beach Just stopped in a mates place in the center of Shabla. He organised pick up from the airport as we had never been. We had all the direction to all the great places around shabla!
I can't stress how dissapointed we were!
His renovated house was a disgrace. the locals had taken what they had wanted! We visited the 2 "fantastic" beaches which looked like a russian butlins from the sixties and were in a state of ruin!! the roads are terrible the local facilities are no better!
My advice,,,, avoid the place alltogether and stay closer to Varna. Now there's a lovely city!! 
13 Jan, 2008pawel ( I bought one last summer.  
07 Mar, 2006O'Connell Glen ( Town Hope you made it back Frans to buy your place - I know Dave did - I bought there two years ago - No developments started yet but many plans in progress which will make this town take off. I let my Villa out to Germans last year and they loved the place too -  
31 Dec, 2005Frans Munterfering ( Shabla Definetely the best town on the whole Black Sea Coast. This is the resort for the future. I come from Germany and I will definetely come again to buy property in there. 
21 Nov, 2004Dave ( Bulgaria An up and coming town waiting to be discovered!
Amenities include a small hotel , post office , bars and shops.
Nice beach and more within reach!
Just hope that it will not get spoilt by
09 Sep, 2004O'Connell Glen ( Town A wonderful quiet town with lovely people. Nice beach 3 miles away and the nature is superb as is the air - Buy a place there
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