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Our most favourite beaches to the south of Tsarevo

Date: 15 Jan, 2011
The Bulgarian coastal resort town that officially borders the Strandzha mountain and national reserve is Tsarevo. Further to the south of Tsarevo, one can visit some of Bulgaria's most enchanting beaches. Probably our most favourite beach in that part of the coast is Silistar. Situated right in the middle of the Silistar protected area and in a beautiful bay surrounded by rocks on both sides, several years ago the beach was known to a handful of people. Yet, its beauty soon spread from mouth to mouth, and currently the beach is one of the favourite destinations for those having a holiday nearby. If someone prefers a quieter option for sunbathing, then he/she should take a 15-min walk on foot from Sinemorets in southern direction and reach another of our most beloved beaches the so-called Lipite. The latter is a part of the Strandzha natural reserve and hence no vehicles are allowed there. Lipite is smaller in comparison to Silistar, but offers complete peace and relax amidst the nature. Nestinarka near Tsarevo (in southern direction) is also a very good option for those having a holiday in the neighbourhood. Nestinarka is no doubt a beautiful sand beach, having all the expected facilities but also not too overcrowded as it is situated outside the town of Tsarevo. Last, but not least, one should not underestimate the towns' main beaches Ahtopol's, Sinemorets's Butamyata or even Varvara's village beach. Even if these are normally too populated and noisy, if one visits the area outside the top season, they remain a worthy option, too. Click here to learn more about the Bulgaria's southern beaches.
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