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26 Sep, 2012Aaron ( This is a fine place to comment on Oyster. I think that there is a range of exepmlas of hotels deceiving. But also note that the vast vast majority of Oyster is not about showing the differences between what we saw and what the other online travel agencies show. Rather, our focus is on finding the nuance of each hotel and what it's great for. There are 100s of thousands of photos on Oyster that show every nook and cranny of the hotels we cover and help people find the best option for them among many good options. 
04 Oct, 2005Marko Milanovic / Belgrade / Serbia ( Very nice small village for peacefull vacation. All the beaches (3 of them) are beautifull. You can swim in a beautiful clear river if the sea is stormy. Nature is intact.
You can find a room by asking people door to door. Room in private lodging (air condition, bathroom, TV & nice breakfast) for 2 people cost 50 lv (25euro) during first half of august, but you can find it much cheaper if you are ready for modest acommodation.
No camping site, but i saw backpackers safely sleaping in a wood on a wild »Lipite« beach. That beach is the best choice for liberal people, naturists and those who do not like crowdy beaches. There is no bank, post, exchange office so you will have to exchange your money in nearby Ahtopol (Be careful when exchanging). You can use minibus for transport between other resorts along the coast. Hitchiking is alternative way of transport for small distance trips. There are few nice restaurants where 2 people can eat very nice meal for 7-8 euro. There are no clubs, so make your own party.
Hurry up before it grows into a big, polluted & crowded sea resort.
03 Aug, 2005Didi ( Domingo I love Sinemorez as it is beautiful and has remained relatively untouched by civilization yet. At the same time it offers charming places to stay and have fun. This year I made a reservation for the Casa Domingo hotel. My disappointment was infinite however, when I visited the hotel. The pictures on the website do not correspond to reality. The rooms are depressively small, with little windows and no air. There is no air-conditioning. Not to mention the lack of balconies. The rooms on the second floor have balconies, but as a friend of mine says, these rooms are just as small.
The hotel is seriously overpriced at BGN 50 (EUR 25) per double room per night. It is not close to the beach, there is not view to the sea or any view whatsoever. The hotel is noisy and overcrowded. And in general it is a rather unpleasant place not in line with the otherwise calm spirit in the village. I could not comment on the hotel staff as I chose not to stay in the hotel. Reservations are accepted against 50% advance deposit. If you do not like what you are being offered and feel tricked (as was my case) you will not be able get your money back unless you are prepared for an hour-long argument.
There are many houses and small hotels in Sinemorec which offer much better accommodation for a considerably lower price. Most places will sleep you for BGN 10 per night. We stayed in a 5-bed apartment with two separate rooms, a bathroom, huge terrace and a stunning sea view for the price of BGN 40. Unfortunately you can’t find these places on the internet.

Mnogo obicham Sinemorec, zashtoto e krasivo i sravnitelnoto nedokosnato ot civilizaciata vse oshte. Tazi godina si reservirah stai v Casa Domingo hotel , no razocharovanieto mi beshe bezkraino, kogato vidiah na jivo kakvo predtsavliava. Snimkite na web stranicata ne otgovariat na deistvitelnostta. Staite sa podtiskashto malki, s malki prozorcheta i super zadushni. Klimatik niama. Da ne govorim za terasi. Na vtoria etaj ima terasi, no kakto mi spodeliha drugi hora i tam e sushto tolkova tiasno.

Za cenata ot 50lv na staia za dvama prosto ne si zaslujava. Ne e blizo do plaja, niama izgled kum moreto ili kakuvto i da bilo izgled as a matter of fact. Hotelyt e shumen i pulen s hora. Izobshto dosta otbluskvashto i v razrez sus spokoinia po princip duh na seloto. Za personalyt ne moga da komentiram tui kato ne pojelah da ostana v hotela. Reservaciite v Domingo stavat s 50% deposit. Ako ne vi haresat usloviata i se pochuvstvate izlagani (kakuvto beshe moiat sluchai) niama da poluchite obratno, tova koeto ste platili, osven ako ne ste gotovi na 1-chasov skandal.

V Sinemorec ima kushti i malki hotelcheta, koito predlagat mnogo po-dobri uslovia za dosta po-niska cena. V povecheto kashti centata e po 10lv na leglo. Nie otsednahme v apt s 2 stai i bania, ogromna terasa i nveroiaten izgled kam moreto za 40lv na vecher. Za sujalenie tezi mesta ne mogat da se otkriat internet.
28 Mar, 2005Ivan Ivanov (Прекрасно място Миналата година бях в с.Синеморец отседнах в една нова и хубава къща.Много мили и любезни хора ме посрещнаха като стар приятел.Искам да изкажа благодарностите си на Вили и Сашо,които направиха така че да изкарам една спокойна и комфортна почивка.Препоръчвам Ви да ги посетите и вие.Тел.055066098 Като цяло Синеморец много ми хареса със своята девствена природа и райски плажове. 
18 Oct, 2004Dimitar Nikolov ( The perfect place for a nice and quiet vacation. I was there with my family June 25 2004. You have to see it by your self! Great nature! 
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