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Sozopol for non-tourists

Date: 21 Oct, 2010
If you are not the typical tourist, visiting Sozopol during the top summer season, then a few minutes’ trip to the nearby island of St. John may appeal to you. In fact, there are several worthy options for filling a day while in Sozopol out of season and a visit to the nearby island is just one of them. If one happens to be here during the first half of September, the Apolonia art festival can be more than sufficient to entertain him/her with all its classical, jazz and rock concerts, exhibitions, theater performances, movie projections and book presentations. If fond of bird-watching, one can take the few kilometer drive further down the south to the Alepu area (between Sozopol and the holiday complex of Dyuni) where a number of migratory birds nest in the marsh. Last, but not least, a boat trip to the island of St. John is also a worthy experience all around the year. St. John is the largest island in Bulgaria’s waters of the Black Sea and is equally rich in history and wild life, despite its relatively small territory. At night, St. John is easily noticeable and heard for its sonar lighthouse that shows the way to the Bourgas gulf. When there, one realizes it is a real escape back to the wild nature, where hares and seagulls rule. Click here to read more about the St. John island.
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