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Tourists Egg Shooting 'Osama' at Bulgaria's Seaside Town of Sozopol

Date: 16 Aug, 2006
Bulgarian entrepreneurs have found a controversial way to make money off tourists at the seaside, inviting them to throw eggs at "Osama bin Laden".

Right next to a disco in the coastal town of Sozopol, a Roma man wearing a fake beard "shoots" at tourists from a little shack, SNA reporters witnessed.

With the walls all covered "bloody" signs on them saying Afghanistan, Kabul, al-Quaeda, and Osama, the impostor shoots water guns at tourists. Another man urges them to throw eggs at the "terrorist" while the latter makes monkey grimaces and squirts his two machine guns at them.

Most tourists seemed appalled by the new entertainment, and walked off shaking their heads in dismay. Some were visibly outraged at the reference to the top terrorist, while others vented their aggression by actually paying up for a chance to smack Osama with an egg. The business must be going well, however, for the "terrorist" keeps on shooting tourists every evening throughout the season.

Source: Sofia News Agency (
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