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Hotel Information: Durna Hotel Unknown category hotels

Picture of Durna HotelPicture of Durna HotelPicture of Durna HotelPicture of Durna Hotel
Address56 Kiril i Metodii str., Sozopol
Visitor Comments
my e-mail - by Tania on 03 Apr, 2007
info about accomodation - by Tania on 03 Apr, 2007
Good morning,

we are group of 5 students (2 pairs +1) and we are going to visit Bulgaria this year in summer (28. 8 - 4.9 ). We found Your offer of accomodation and we want to ask You about some more information about situation of hotel and prices (we need 3 double rooms, or appartman with sepparated rooms).

Thank you a lot,
Best regards
Tatiana Knytevichova

accomodation - by Peter Csellő on 26 Mar, 2007

can you sent me the details about your hotel,please/prices, room types)

info - by Gabo Matyas on 05 Mar, 2007
2 person. 2007 sept.02-16 (14 nights).
How mutch?Where is it Hotel in Sozopol?
Please, send me photo and map.
Best regards,
Gabor Matyas
Costs of room - by heyu on 22 Jun, 2006
I can't lokate your website.
If you have one please send to me url.

Can you send me a info about price of a room for 2 persons. I would like to stay 10 days in August-September.

My email

Best regards

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