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St. Vlas, Bulgaria

Location map: St. Vlas
Known also as: Sveti Vlas

Distance to district city: 45 km.

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Sightseeing nearby: Emine Cape

Location: The Sveti Vlas (St.Vlas) village has about 3,000 inhabitants and is situated just 4 km to the north of Sunny Beach resort and 9 km away from the town of Nessebar. It lies in the skirts of the Stara Planina mountain (also called the Balkan mountain) and thus offers a beautiful combination of sea and mountain climate, considered favourable for those suffering from lung diseases. The adjacent beaches are of a total length of about 1km and average width of 16 metres. Besides the village's central beach, there is also a smaller one (the so-called 'Campinga' after the campsite there), stretching from the Sun Palace complex to the Riviera complex. The eastern end of the village's adjacent coastal line hosts the small port of local fishermen.

History: The village of Sveti Vlas (St. Vlas) is believed to have been founded by the Thracian tribe of Larisi in the 2nd century BC. At that time, it reportedly bore the name of Larisa. It was renamed 'Sveti Vlas' in the 14th century AC after the patron saint of cattle growers and merchants. During Ottoman rule (late 14th-19th century AC), the village appeared in administrative registrars as 'Manastir' ('Monastery') or 'Kyuchuk Manastir' after the five monasteries in the vicinity of the village. Unfortunately, none of the monasteries has been preserved up to present days. Officially, it restored its name of Sveti Vlas after the reunification of the Bulgarian state in 1886.

Accommodation: The numerous private hotels of Sveti Vlas offer a variety of styles and high-quality service, making the small village a preferred destination for holidaymakers. The four-star Laguna Hotel stands out against the rest for its beautiful design and top-class service. There is also a plenty of 3-star hotels in the village, such as Alfa, Astra, Bel Ami, Gala, Intzaraki. Similarly to other seaside villages, accommodation with private pensions and houses is on high supply as well.

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Catering: The quick expansion of the village into a modern resort driven by the spillover of entrepreneurship from the nearby holiday city of Slanchev Bryag has spurred the emergence of numerous pubs and restaurants. Guests of Sveti Vlas can also take advantage of the various tourist facilities, including outdoor food, of Slanchev Bryag, which is just 5min away by car.

Transport: There is regular bus transport from Nessebar and Bourgas to Sveti Vlas, and plenty of private minibuses, route and ordinary taxis. Besides, there is also water transport to and from Nessebar and Bourgas to Sunny Beach, which is just 4km away from Sveti Vlas.

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