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24 May, 2006mike ( on the beach? Hi girls, we're a bunch of 4 Irish guys heading out to SB 28th July -5th Aug for some drink and a few mad nights out, any girls going out around the same time?, it promises to be a legendary week! Email us at 
24 May, 2006paul. ( going to sunny beach on the 30th may for a week ,any one fancy meeting up for a drink or two.... 
24 May, 2006Jazz ( u like to meet up? Good looking lad from kent going to Bulgaria in 2 weeks time for 2 weeks. If u would like to meet up pls e mail me on I am 33, athletic (love sports), into clubbing and swimming,would love to travel to Nessebar and Sophia. anyone that wants good compnay and someone to make them laugh pls to contact me!!! 
24 May, 2006I van ( the patyies and festivals I`ve heard yhay Nessebar is cool? right??? 
24 May, 2006bref frm cork irelan ( hi im breff im 17 and im goin to sunny beach for 2 weeks wit my dad on the 8th of july .if any1 wud like to meet up for a few drinks email me plz 
23 May, 2006noddy ( dreams im sure i saw them on the main road about 200m from the centre they looked finished ady rather nice enjoy oh exchange rate 2.76 to 1.00 over their 
23 May, 2006noddy ( holiday just got back from 2 weeks at Yavor Palace sunny beach super hotel very clean and very friendly staff bang in the center of the resort will be going back for sure beer from 80stinkies about 33 pence a pint the 20th and 21st saw temp upto 35 oC it is busy now lots of bars and clubs should suit all ages have fun enjoy oh take a walk to nessabar have a look at the nudist beach on the way 
23 May, 2006Kerry ( Dreams Apartments Booked this holiday last year through First Choice and apparently it is only opening this year (thought we had booked Summer Dreams!!) Anyway, does anyone have any idea whrerabouts in SB this apartment will be & if they are finished

22 May, 2006Jay ( 2006 Hi All, Me and three others (Blokes) aged 20-22 will be going to Sunny beach on August 07th for a week, Is anyone else out there at the same time? We are staying in the Hotel Diamond, not sure what its like, but looks nice. How much are drinks in clubs, and what do the entry prices tend to be? For a week or drinking, and eating for a 22 year old, how much money would you reccommend I take with me? Hope you can help.

22 May, 2006Ally ( beach, world cup fever...!!!!! 4 southern lads visiting Sunny Beach on the 9th June for 2 weeks staying at the evrika. Any females fancy meeting up??? let me know and we'll make arrangements... 
21 May, 2006kelsey ( beach hi im going with my uncle and auntie on 25th september but i would like 2 no what the weather will be like my addy is to let me no what its like there. 
20 May, 2006bernie ( sunny beach 12 of us going to sun village apartments on the 17th july 12 of us including 16,14,13, and 9 year old . Any one going around that time. 
19 May, 2006Scottish lads ( 5 scottish boys commin out mid july. any girls going out around this time? 
17 May, 2006Stephane ( i personnally think your best bet is maybe to have some changed over here some places like marks n spencers offer good rates, the rest get brand new notes from the bank to change once there, cant go wrong with a couple of travellers cheques or a credit card just as a backup coz cheques can b replaced within 24hrs. hope this helps 
17 May, 2006Kerry ( cheques or cash? Have heard nothing but good reports about Sunny Beach but different opinions as to whether it is better to get currency here or take travellers cheques and get cash over there. Anyone know which is better? 
15 May, 2006Kirsty ( Beach Hi im going to sunny beach on the 26th June for 7 nights, if anyone wants to meet up for drinking etc., then email me at thanks 
13 May, 2006Lisa ( I'm going to Sunny Beach 2nd June til 16th June and am trying to find the weather forecast for those 2weeks, but cant. Next few days dont look too good, rain, etc,am going for a tan and god weather and have spent nearly 500,can you please tel me what the weather is likely to be like this year, not just based on other years? i'm getting quite worried i've wasted my money!! 
13 May, 2006M Jones ( beach hi i'm off to club riu evrika on 23 june for a week is it any good, where are the best pubs/clubs to go to? anyone want to meet up there are 4 of us going. 
11 May, 2006Kirk ( 10 22-23 year old lads goin sunny beach 17th july. anyone fancy meeting. you can email me at 
11 May, 2006Kezza ( for a laugh Hi three 30yr old women heading out to sb for first two weeks in July - anyone fancy meeting up for a drink email Also does anyone know if it is bad for mozzies? 
10 May, 2006donny bird ( anyone out there 13th september for 11 nights  
10 May, 2006tigger ( anyone out there 15th may for a week  
10 May, 2006Joe ( Dani you're a cock! 
10 May, 2006Dani codown nieland ( oh scary bickkyez tha mafia dont scare me as over here is full of drugs!!neways tell me bout sunny beach nightclubs and any1 stayin at seriena doliphan 
09 May, 2006Mike ( Mafia Are there mafia drug dealers in Sunny Beach?
email me personally at; 
09 May, 2006Mike ( Mafia Are there drug dealers in Sunny Beach? 
09 May, 2006Stephane (!!! Hey everyone, id like to confirm yes its true mafia is about there, to be fair most of the place is owned and even ran by the mafia to some level. however they dont just hang around streets intimidating people and not once did i see any guns, i met a group of mafia people only because me and my friend kept going to this bar abt 6 am every day and after a few days of us been told by the gipsy guy that the big built guys coming out the club with lovely ladies were mafia, we didnt pay attention until a few days later one of them came and introduced himself and asked how our holiday was great guy, offered to us to come and eat at his restaurant or at his club we were always welcome also offered extra services which we politely declined,lol, but in all seriously i wouldnt worry about it. i will agree though try not to get into trouble out there stall owners, bar/club staff will help eachother out to stop any kind of hassle, so def go have a great time, im going back in august. yay :D 
09 May, 2006john ( beach also ad im going out there on sunday the 14 of may so i will tell u when i get back whats going on out there this year and were,s aving it? 
09 May, 2006john ( alright adam ,ye mate they are there but dont let this worry u as long as u dont start going mental u will be fine they tend to stay in there hotels and chill out the way,any way? my appartment is run by them but by the end of the holiday they turned out alright blokes ,just intimidating when they are sitting there with 8mms and semi autos? just dont misbehave the police are all over as well? this place is lovely and is as cheap as u could imagine,there are loads of bars for u to get lashed in on the strip and a good few clubs one has a swimming pool in the centre its diffrent class ? u will love it.u get people walking round with big bears ,crocs and snakes all want photos with u at a small charge , prob,about 3 pence cheap cheap,loads of fake watches clothes and good little shops every were ? some sick weapons!!!  
08 May, 2006adam (!!!! john, is there really mafia gangsters with guns out there? no one else who's been has mentioned them!!! 
08 May, 2006Dani Co.Down Nireland ( yoho!! Hey me and my boyfriend and are friends are going on 8th july and staying for 2weeks we cant wait we are going to be staying at the serina dolphin appartments in suuny beach has any1 got any info for us!!cheerz  
08 May, 2006john ( beach hi i brought an appartment in sunny beach last year an what a place the people are great and they cant do enought for u the food a drink is fine and very cheap ie, for u and your girlfriend to eat any thing and i mean any thing starters main and dessert and bottle of wine would be no more than 10 english pound ,good ay ,the weather can be a bit iffy but so much to do and see it dont really matter? one thing i do say to any one like me and my pals who like a good drink and a laugh beware mafia about and all have very big guns so just be good and they dont even look at u ,any think else u would like to no email me at .the new water park looks the nuts? bulgeria here we come  
05 May, 2006tigger roar ( beach anyone going 13th september for 11 nights going with bloke any couples going fancy meeting up 
05 May, 2006Adam ( 7TH - 15TH 2006 looking at me and some mates (about 10 lads) coming to sunny beach for the 2nd week july. just gotta persuade a couple of em b4 we book it but this place seems to tick all the right boxes!
any peeps who maybe fancy meetin up one nite (especially laydeez) giz a shout at
04 May, 2006Paul ( lovely ladies.... Ladies, 5 guys from Scotland are heading to Sunny Beach early Jul 06. We are all up for a good laugh and would love to bump into some lovely ladies to enjoy the sun/sea with. Promise you will not be disappointed. Get back if you want to me up for a drink or two. 
04 May, 2006Paul ( lovely ladies.... Ladies, 5 guys from Scotland are heading to Sunny Beach early Jul 06. We are all up for a good laugh and would love to bump into some lovely ladies to enjoy the sun/sea with. Promise you will not be disappointed. Get back if you want to me up for a drink or two. 
04 May, 2006Paul ( lovely ladies.... Ladies, 5 guys from Scotland are heading to Sunny Beach early Jul 06. We are all up for a good laugh and would love to bump into some lovely ladies to enjoy the sun/sea with. Promise you will not be disappointed. Get back if you want to me up for a drink or two. 
03 May, 2006sexytigger ( anyone out there september 13th for 11 nights 2006 would be nice to meet up going with my bloke first time never been before my email address is if you want to meet up or reply with info 
03 May, 2006sexytigger ( beach hi there anyone been sunny beach going in september with my bloke would appreciate as much info as possible on the place staying in lulin hotel if you know where that is  
03 May, 2006Martyn Lee O'Brien ( Park Hotel 4 20 yr old, London boys goin Sunny Beach July 3rd-11th

read about the resort n it looks quality

add my msn 
26 Apr, 2006Stephane ( being built!! One very good thing of the way the goverment is run in bulgaria from what i was told last year, companies are forced to stop any major building work for the start of the tourist season so that it is not affected by this that is why they work throughout the off peak times and that every year you return you will find buildings randomly erected all over the place. 
26 Apr, 2006steph Middlemass ( Delta Beach Hi there
We are thinking of booking to go to Delta Beach Hotel on 28th Aug.Theres me, my boyfriend,my boyfriends kids,aged 12 and 16 and our mums! Anyone been there and could tell us what its like.Also reports of a new hotel being built opposite.Any comments on that?Thanks x 
24 Apr, 2006andy ( to me 3 fellas headin away 2 sunnybeach on 15 july have been b4,its fucking amazing like!!! ne ladys fancy meetin yp 4 the craic 
22 Apr, 2006Loved up Couple (! Going to sunny beach in september with my partner staying at hotel lulin anybody who's been i would appreciate any information what you can give me ie weather best bars to go to what bulgaria is like as a whole been given bad and good comments. 
20 Apr, 2006craig ( visiting sunny beach on the 07/05/06 for 2 weeks staying at the hotel fenix can any 1 give me soom information and what are the best places to go ect  
18 Apr, 2006bref ( hi my name is breff im goin to sunny beach on the 8th of july for 2 goin on 18 but im goin wit my dad for the last time tank god.if any girls wana meet up plz email me 
18 Apr, 2006Stephane ( May should be ok, it ll be starting to get busy, and wont be too mobbed coz thats when the season really opens up, normally bars n clubs should be open as normal, the later in may the busier it should get really.  
17 Apr, 2006Hannah!! ( Beach!! Heeeey pple!! Me n my 2 mates r so xcited!! Weve booked to go here early july for a week!! Im 17 n the ova's r 18!! Has anyone ever been to the Hotel Regetta or know anything about it? Wooooo i cant wait to go now!! Its guna b awesome YEYE!! X 
17 Apr, 2006JR ( - Is it busy? Anyone know what it is like in May? Weather, bars, clubs, girls etc...?? Thanks
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