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13 Apr, 2006Stephane ( Party Hi where abouts were the beach parties we didnt really see any apart from pubs on the beach itself.

As for the mcdonalds i only went once, thers even a mcdonalds stall, but to be fair you can get mcdonalds back home, i would definetly recomend grabbing a chicken kebap or crepe on one of the stalls much cheaper different and nicer.

one thing i will say i wont suggest getting roped in by a rep to go into strip joints even if they tell you there is cheap drink, as we did once and drink prices were triple what it was in normal pubs and the girls wernt even that nice unfortunatly,lol.

if you can pick up bits n pieces in bulgarian the locals will appreciate you a lot more for even trying even though sometimes can give them a good laugh as well.

Hello - Zdraveite pronounced ZDRAVE(EE)TE
Please - Molya
How are you? - Kak Ste
Where is - Kude E Pronounced KOODE E
Thank You - Blagodarya
Good - Dobre
Bad - Honestly can't think of that one, infact i don't think it's a word i've ever used in Bulgaria
I could look it up but it's too late in the night.

Some other useful phrases:
Good day(used between around 11am and 4pm- Dobur Den
Good morning - Dobro outro (OOTRO)
good evening - Dobur Vecher
Good night - Leka Nosht
Nazdrave - Cheers

hope this helps

13 Apr, 2006Danny ( theres a free bus to the water park. its has aqua park painted all over it and is pretty hard to miss as most of the transport is horse and cart lol. loads of taxis though and they offer u a ride so theres no need to ring em.

weather - it did rain one night, and i mean pissed it down. the road was flooded to the curb in a matter of minutes and we took out socks and trainers off to cross the road lol. dont let that put u off though. not even a cloudy sky for the rest of the 2 weeks.
AND THEY HAVE A MCDONALDS. pretty easy for most guys to find as its opposite the strip clubs in the 'town centre' although its not central and its not a town. thats my best description.  
13 Apr, 2006Danny ( theres a free bus to the water park. its has aqua park painted all over it and is pretty hard to miss as most of the transport is horse and cart lol. loads of taxis though and they offer u a ride so theres no need to ring em.

weather - it did rain one night, and i mean pissed it down. the road was flooded to the curb in a matter of minutes and we took out socks and trainers off to cross the road lol. dont let that put u off though. not even a cloudy sky for the rest of the 2 weeks.
AND THEY HAVE A MCDONALDS. pretty easy for most guys to find as its opposite the strip clubs in the 'town centre' although its not central and its not a town. thats my best description.  
12 Apr, 2006Danny ( Beach Its amazing. When i first thought of Bulgaria thought it was gonna be dirty and run down. the resort is clean and everyone is friendly. food can get a bit tedious though. had steak for the first 8 days lol
hotel meridian is superb. good location and the rooms are nice. night lifes great. parties on beach til early hours of the morning and the nightclubs are open til dawn!! stumbling back to the hotel as people set up for work..... u get some dodgy looks. only saw one prosser the whole 2 weeks.

EXCURSIONS - everyone who goes has to go to the water park. its not huge but some of the slides are wicked
ones almost vertical and others u get inflatable rings that hold one or two people. good laugh for a day. Nessebar is defo worth seeing as well. although save it for a quiet evening as its not the most excitin place in the world.

all in all i loved the place. wanna go back this year. see how much student loan i have left lol.

if u go out there look for the mexican club near meridian. the coctails are awesome. recommend porn movie and thunder fuck if u wanna get off ur trolley 
12 Apr, 2006Mike ( parties I read somewhere that Sunny Beach has beach parties that go on all night, has anyone witnessed/been to one? 
12 Apr, 2006Danny Zuko ( Thanks Stephane! We're going for a week from 3-10 July... Kalofer and resort sounds like it should be good oul craic... What about you?  
12 Apr, 2006nichola ( yavir palace going there in september any one know what its like? 
11 Apr, 2006charlotte newman ( beach 10/07/2006 forgot to mention our there any waterparls or goods excursions to do?
email address: 
11 Apr, 2006charlotte newman ( hi a few of us our going out to sunny beach and staying at the Club Hotel RIU Evrika in Sunny Beach Bulgaria. there is a crowd of us and a lot of young girls and lads looking for some good nightlife anywhere you would recommend?
11 Apr, 2006Natalie ( Palace in Sunny Beach Hi, Im going to sunny beach in June for 2 weeks and i'm staying in the Yavor Palace Hotel. Has anyone stayed there before or even been inside to have a look. Please can you let me know what its like as im getting really nervous. Does anyone recommened any good clubs to go to?? Thanks :) 
11 Apr, 2006Stephane ( The Kalofer as far as i am aware is a brand new hotel, or a redone hotel for this year, i was going there initally but got a better deal somewhere else, but it does seem really nice and to be honest they are trying really hard to make the resort at its best so new hotels do tend to be really nice. nightlife is exellent, the kalofer is only abt a 5-10 min from the actual centre and 15-20 min walk to the other side of the resort whers thers more pubs n clubs. when are you going. 
10 Apr, 2006Mike ('s holiday Just booked up for Sunny Beach on the 7th of July 2006. We're a group of 8 21 year old lads looking to have the messiest week we can without envolvement of the local constabulary.
Don't really know a great deal about the resort other than it's cheap! Will there be many young groups out there and is the nightlife good?
email me at 
10 Apr, 2006Danny Zuko ( Has anyone got any info on the Kalofer hotel? What is it like and its location? Also is there many trips around Sunny Beach like booze cruises ia waterparks?  
07 Apr, 2006Stephane ( at sunny beach hey there, were going back on the 7th of august, really looking forward to it as had a great time last year, if anyone wants to maybe meetup we can show you some really good places to go, made friends with a lot of the bar staff there, feel free to email we are there for two weeks.
soz i havnt heard of yavour hotel, but i woodnt worry too much about they are working really hard to make sunny beach impressive so most hotels seem to be brand new or renovated, im going to izola which is new and cant get much info on it either but not letting it worry me. 
06 Apr, 2006lynda mcternan ( palace sunny beach Going here in July anyone got any info on this hotel? Been to Sunny Beach twice before so know plenty about the resort itself.  
06 Apr, 2006Besty ( Beach Hi Lisa and the Manchester women... There's six Irish fellas headin over there (never been before) on the 3rd of July for the week if ya's fancy meetin up for a beer - then we can find out if yis are whores. Brilliant. 
04 Apr, 2006andy ( the ladies are amazin in sunny beach,if your jst looking for beer and women uve found the right place!!!! the women are perfect!! 
04 Apr, 2006Matt ( I went to Sunny Beach last year. I'm afraid I don't know the Yavor Palace, but I can say that the nightlife was absolutely rocking. Its a huge place, with loads and loads of bars, and a very young crowd. I have to say I felt my age. Food was okayish, have to look hard for good restaurants. But the whole place is absolutely dirt cheap. The beach is awesome, 8km of it and gets very very busy, but in a good way. One of the guys with me was a veggie, but it was hard to find veggie restaurants 
04 Apr, 2006Anna! ( Does anyone know about the Vegetarian Food situation??? 
04 Apr, 2006Anna! ( Palace SUNNY BEACH Hey! me and a mate are going to hotel yavor Palace in sunny beach in august! can any1 tell us about the nightlife?? restaurants and bars too!!

Cant wait! wahoo!! 
04 Apr, 2006Rachel ( palace hi im going to bulgaria in august. ive never been before. staying in yavor palace hotel does anyone know anything about it as cant find it on the web as its only new?

Also can anyone let me know wat the nite life is like and if theres anything to do during the day ~( water parks, boat trips etc.)
thanks alot! 
04 Apr, 2006Stephane ( Beach!!! Hey everyone, i went last summer and had an amazing holliday, completely different to what was expected, the people there couldnt have been any nicer the food was different but could get a variety of everything.

we found out a few things whilst there, if you would like to give someone a tip for them personally you will have to give them it outside there workplace as all most places the tips go to the boss however dont let it stop you because it still shows that you appreciated ther service.

do not grudge paying for toilets it is literally pennys but the people at the door need it for a living so make sure you have plenty change if you are on a night out.

Nazdrave, means cheers. Peach/Peachka mean good looking guy girl, Kennefa or toileta mean toilet. all handy wee words n phrases,lol.

in bulgaria nodding tends to mean no and shaking ur head will be yes takes some gettin use to.

i know this seams harsh but you will have to ignore beggers, even if they are children, as most are very well organised and if you give once they will keep at you for more and you feel even worse.

Most workers there will have a good basis of your language however it is always appreciated if they see you making an effort trying to communicate with them.

im going back on the 7th of august for two weeks to izola hotel and hope i will have jsut as good a holiday.
03 Apr, 2006richard ( hotel hi. six of us (guys) have just booked 2nd - 16th july 06 at the wela hotel, any one know if it any good? can't find any comments on the web.... 
02 Apr, 2006Angie ( Beach What a place! Anyone going will have a great time. Me and my partner went June 05 and had the best 2 weeks ever. Stayed at the Kuban, very nice hotel. Very cheap place. We found Club XL(next to Kuban)a brill club,all the latest tunes and lots of buy one get one frees! All in all, a good up and coming holiday place and would defnatly go back. Have fun all.....:o) 
31 Mar, 2006mancwomen ( irish fellas typical irish men, all your looking is cheap women and beer. We will definitely have to meet up !!!!! Lisa & Co
31 Mar, 2006besty ( forgot to mention the 6 irish fellas love beer and whores 
31 Mar, 2006BESTY ( timers 6 irish fellas heading to sunny beach on the 3rd july. Whats the night life like? and more imporantly the ladies.
any ladies looking to meet up sure post a message 
29 Mar, 2006andygp_cfc ( time ever!!! sunnybeach is the best place ever me an a few of my mates went last July it was fuckin class,the beer and the women are amazin we didnt see one ugly bird there in 2weeks(which was nice)were goin in july 2 again!!!!!swear mate you wont regret goin,ur hotel is a bit on the dodgy side but sure all u'll be doin is sleepin in it(an not to much at that,u want ne more tips are nefing jst ask on this site i cheak it all the time 
29 Mar, 2006Seamus ( in Sunny Beach Hi, about six of us Irish fellas are flyin out to Sunny Beach for a bit of craic on the 3rd of July. Anyone give us any advice on the beer/women situation?! We're staying at the Kalofer Hotel which seems dodgy enough but we're hopin to make the most of the resort!!  
28 Mar, 2006andycfc ( rachel we fly out july 9th so if ya wanna meet up just drop me an email on is it your first time goin 2 sunny beach!! fuck i cant wait lol!!!!!
were ya from an how many of yas are going believe me use will love it!!! drop me an email den ok 
27 Mar, 2006Ryan ( Beach Hi. Am torn between heading to Sunny Beach either the last week in May or mid-end June. Can someone tell me if there will be a big difference in A) Weather and B) Nightlife.

Would work out better if we could head in May but don't want to head over if the weather isn't great & the nightlife is fairly quiet..Thanks! 
24 Mar, 2006rachel ( andycfc hiya, going to sunny beach on 3rd of july for 2wks!! hopefully we'l still be there wen use cum!! wen do use fly out??  
20 Mar, 2006andycfc ( w8 2 go here bulgaria is d best place in d world,me an my 3 mates r goin mid july,we went last july 2 fucking class!!! nebody else goin roun bout dat time wel be 18 an 19 jst out for fucking powerful niteclub is lazur but the bars r bettr craic,an every1 dead friendly. drink an fegs r dirt cheap,no complaints wat so ever infact cant w8 2 get der,the best bar was gullivers....AMAZING!!!!!! would reccommend it bigtime for young an old(no offence lol) 
19 Mar, 2006julian ( palace We are staying at the yavor palace in sunny beach. Can any one tell us what the hotel and surrounding area is like please. 
19 Mar, 2006julian ( palace We are staying at the yavor palace in sunny beach. Can any one tell us what the hotel and surrounding area is like please. 
19 Mar, 2006julian ( palace We are staying at the yavor palace in sunny beach. Can any one tell us what the hotel and surrounding area is like please. 
18 Mar, 2006dani n nic (manchester) ( to party???? just wanting to know if sunny beach is a good place to party????? we havent heard much about the place and was thinking of going somewhere like magaluff, falaraki or ibiza but chose sunny beach while the beers cheap! :)any comments on the nightlife would be great, thx 
17 Mar, 2006Maja ( By the way, I`m from Serbia n Montenegro, n if u r somehow, maybe, in any case interested in coming here as well, contact meeee :)
17 Mar, 2006Maja ( Hey there guys
i was in SB last year n it was amazing!! i luved it, but since i`m not a person who would go to the same place again (for holidays), i think i`ll visit turkey this summer.. nooow this is absolutely something that doesn`t matter :) if u wanna hear about my experience in SB, write me on
15 Mar, 2006stevie ( to trisha re yavor palace Hi Trisha the hotel you are going to The Yavor Palace is one we seriously considered going to this year before we opted for the Chaika Beach Hotel, your hotel was brand new last year and is very close to the centre of the resort and all the nightlife, it also has been given a good review from a freind who was there last year with their only gripe was the evening meals as they were half board, to anybody going to s/beach i would strongly recommend s/catering or b&b as the majority of hotels are not renown for their evening meals and the choice of restaurants in the resort is vast with nearly all serving quality food, your hotel is near the s/beach resort complex another new build last year and also near the hotle Kuban the centre of the resort 
15 Mar, 2006Stevie ( to Karen Robson hi Karen if you are looking for apartments in s/beach for all the family with consideration given to your autistic son the 2 places i would consider are Victoria Residence Apartments [which are the new addition to the Victoria Palace Hotel one of the best Hotels in all of sunny beach]the other option i would consider is The Grand Hotel Oasis Apartments a quality facility with good facilities and location,

both of these apartment complexes are quality places to stay, with the Vic Res Apts you are about 1-1.5km from the busy centre of s/beach and without a doubt in one of the classiest and best hotel/apartment complexes in the resort.
in the Grd Htl Oasis Apts you are about 0.5 km from the centre of the resort but also in a quality establishment, also you are the same distance from the Hotel Kuban which has a Water park [slides etc] for the kids and they only charge a nominal fee for non hotel guests to use the facility,

both of these palces are on the site for you to have a look at the Vic Apts are new this year but i am assured by my mate in Bulgaria that the apts are to the same high standard as the hotel.

there is another facility called Bravo holiday complex offering apts and hotel but that is on the other side of the busy main road [wacky races]that runs through the resort and the other 2 that i have mentioned are nearer the beach and on the beach side of the main rd.
i hope this helps you in making your holiday choice and if you do choose s/beach this year i am sure the whole family will enjoy it
p.s i have travelled to s/beach will my disabled father in the past and a great advantage of the resort is that it is all on the flat no hills 
14 Mar, 2006stevie ( to p= r.e property there are many real estate agents out in bulgaria now and there are also some british based forms with offices out there also. I spoke to a english guy last year who picked up the keys to his new apartment 2 bed 2 bathroom on the beach for 35,000 it was a steal but beware prices are rising all the time as bulgaria becomes more and more popular. Also if everything goes to plan and they join the Euro next year property prices will rocket evry estate agent predicts 
14 Mar, 2006Trisha ( Palace Hotel Does anyone know what the Yavor Palace is like? What hotels is it near? Any info appreciated. 
13 Mar, 2006p. ( hello mate thanks for the info ref..dress code.whats the crack on buying property out there,as i am looking to buy, asap. 
13 Mar, 2006stevie ( to hannah hi Hannah the best place to go for nights out in sunny beach are disco Lazur or club Orange and the bars in the centre of the resort are definately the most lively and best 
13 Mar, 2006stevie ( hi guys i've been there 4 times previously and going again this year if you guys need to resort to prostitutes in s/beach you must be incredibly ugly or really desperate, that said i have never encountered any on all of my travels round the resort, your hotel is sound according to a bulgarian mate of mine who works in the resort in the summer, with regards the ease of getting hooked up last year only 3 days i had without, there are lots more english girls heading over every year and i sure you guys will have as much fun as i have had exploring all the different nationalities on offer 
13 Mar, 2006stevie ( to p dress code - casual but sometimes can become colder at night as your right on the seafront in most of the bars and clubs best just to get full of the bevvy so you don't feel it 

13 Mar, 2006fallon ( oh yeah, 1 other thing. are there many prostitutes in case any of us get desperate 
13 Mar, 2006fallon ( hi steve. theres 10 22 year old lads goin.we are stayin at the roayal central hotel. is it any good? are there many english girls there and how easy is it to pull. we are goin 17th july, please feel free for ecomendations. my email address is 
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