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19 Jan, 2006Ash and rach ( hi. We are 16/17/18 year old girls going to sunny beach in august.We are just wondering what the night life is like and what age must u be for the clubs? cheers! xx 
18 Jan, 2006kelly ( 2006 hi kris, i am in the same boat as you.. going to bulgaria for the 1st time on 21st june with my boyfriend b4 it gets to expensive we were in zante in june 05 it was great. go to you will get all the info you need there on the discussion board. hope you's all enjoy yourselves. 
13 Jan, 2006Stuart ( looking for a class time! We are 5 guys from scotland going out on the 18th of July 06 for 2 weeks. Any groups of lassies going same time wanna meet up? We're staying at the Fiesta Hotel. 
13 Jan, 2006marianne ( if u go to SB u`ll be impressed
beautiful place, crazy parties, aaaaaaand many other lovely things :)
if u want to know more about Sunny Beach and about my summer holiday over there last year don`t hesitate to write me: :)
12 Jan, 2006p. ( beach - 30/05/06 We are going to the Riu Helena Park (2 guys) and we were wondering what the women were like - we are after some fun !!!! 
12 Jan, 2006Kerry ( Hols Hi all, group of five women aged between 25+35 going to sunny beach for first time at beginning of July. Anyone stayed in sunny dreams apartments? We were wondering what they were like as brochure only has artist impressions due to them being relatively new.

12 Jan, 2006Mel ( Beach Me and some friends are going to sunny beach on the 5th of june for 2 weeks so if any one wants to meet up for a drink, give me a shout on 
11 Jan, 2006kelly ( please?? hi all, me and my partner are going out on 21st july 2006 staying at kuban hotel. anyone give us info such as price of drink, food etc best places to go. any one else going to b there between 21.06.06 to 5.07.06 give me a shout at thanks x 
11 Jan, 2006kelly ( please?? hi all, me and my partner are going out on 21st july 2006 staying at kuban hotel. anyone give us info such as price of drink, food etc best places to go. any one else going to b there between 21.06.06 to 5.07.06 give me a shout at thanks x 
10 Jan, 2006Phil ( single traveller I will be out in Sunny beach from 11th to 26th July 2006
Stopping in the Slyvanski hotel on the sea front
Does anybody have any tips for single guy mid 30's out there by himself
Will there be anybody out there at same time as me who wants to meet up? 
05 Jan, 2006andy ( place in the world wat a place!!!!was over in july with 2 mates had a fucking ball,the best niteclub is lazur music is class, the best bar on the strip is gullivers. food and booze is dirt cheap ie 2 course steak dinner with 3 beers less than a tenner swear 2 God its class!!! stayed at hotel palas, was basic but clean but sure all we dun was sllep in it.fegs r dirt cheap aswell 50p for 20 cant beat that with a stick, a bit mild but along the same lines as regal/embassy. ALL the birds are GREAT didint c one i ugly bird. id recommend it to ne1 4 2 weeks of pure craic,spot on 4 A lads holiday we r goina again in july and already counting the days :-). a************star holiday u have to go 4 urself to believe me 
03 Jan, 2006jav ( what type of music in the clubs how many clubs are there, im planning on goin in july aug! do they no what rnb is? 
28 Dec, 2005platvoet ( What's hotel Chaika like? Is it ok? 
28 Dec, 2005platvoet ( Beach end of july 2006! 
27 Dec, 2005americanSteve ( time to go to Sunny Beach Just wanted to check to see when the best time to go to Sunny Beach is. i've got 2 weeks off of work the end of may/beginning of june, and thinking about coming there. it's my first time going to bulgaria, so if there is anyone who will be there around the same time who would like to show an american guy around, just let me know 
17 Nov, 2005james ( clubs in sunny beach i have been to sunny beach 3 times now goin this year again in july cant wait the clubs are out of this world if any1 is goin bk to bulgaria this year add me to msn cheerz
07 Nov, 2005chelsey ( sunny beach is hevy the corner dus the best cocktails and the entertainment is great
09 Oct, 2005Bea ( Dreams Hi, just booked up for Sunny Beach yesterday. Going in July '06. Anyone been to Golden Dreams apartment? Recommend any restaurants etc. 
28 Sep, 2005Maja 19 ( read, lol Hey, I must join in this Sunny Beach fan club! I`ve been there last month for the 1st time and it was great! Myself and two of my friends stayed at Oleander House Hotel (3*lux)- I highly recommend it! It`s small, but posh and the staff`s very friendly. Oh, it`s near Chaika Beach Hotel! Many blonde people there, ie Scandinavians, Brits & German fellas (I`m blonde as well, but, hey, not from Sweden ;-). Since I live in Serbia (near Bulgaria, Greece n Italy) I must share our wise tip with u western people: RELAX! U seem to be relaxed only when u been drunk!! I`ve been told I`m drunk only because I was laughing and dancing. If u come to Balkan countries u`ll c many "drunk" people then! lol
I know u all come to Bulgaria cause it`s cheap, but if ur looking for REAL fun- I invite u to Serbia n Montenegro (ex Yugoslavia). We make the best parties! Budva (in Montenegro) is A must to visit!! U`ll be impressed, believe me.
Now, back to Sunny Beach... The best cocktails are made in The Corner, a bar across the Kuban Hotel. Nite life- Lazur is great (but DJ played like every nite the same music!), Mania- techno on the 2nd and Bulgarian folk music on the 3rd floor- didn`t like it, XL- for teens.
I luved Sunny Beach, met many people, and first&foremost- enjoyed myself! All in all, doesn`t matter where u go, as long as ur with cool friends, right? CIAO A TUTTI 
23 Sep, 2005Claire ( Hi all, me and a group of my mates are thinking of heading out to Bulgaria next July as our "Post school" holiday. Does anyone have any comments on what a holiday would be like over there for a group of about 8 18year old there many Irish/English etc? there many clubs?? Any suggestions for things to do etc?? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Ta 
02 Sep, 2005Dave ( Yeah, see you on the other side, Bulgaria here we come!!!! 
01 Sep, 2005Emma ( Hiya Dave, have took your mobile number so will give you a text when we are over there... not long now I cant wait! See you soon.x  
01 Sep, 2005Dave ( & any one whos up for a laugh 2nd to 9th sep Fancy meeting for a drink and laugh in sunny beach just txt us on M:07870312969, just checked the 5 day forecast it's gonna be hot!!! 
01 Sep, 2005Dave ( Yeah in your dreams girl.. We only got the apartment in July so this will be our first real holiday over there. Mania seems the one they all talk about it,Sounds like the most expensive and high profile, top DJ's though.. A lot of house.. Can't wait, nearly there. My cousin was over there the other week, he said its mental..  
31 Aug, 2005Emma ( drinking competition, cant wait to show you up!! I am 24 and my mate is 26. Which is the best club to go to? 
31 Aug, 2005Dave ( Yeah, we will see about that, drinking competition is on then. We've bought an apartment over there so were staying there. I'm 28 and my mate is 27, how old are you? 
31 Aug, 2005Emma ( Hiya Dave, we are flying from Newcastle, which is a good job really wouldnt want to show you London boys up!! what hotel you staying in? How old are you? 
31 Aug, 2005dave ( we're flying from Stansted on 2nd, where you flying from? if on same flight we can get hammered, us london boys can't drink as much as you northen lasses..want to bet!! 
31 Aug, 2005Dave ( Hi Melissa, me and my mate are also going out on the 2nd, so will see you there, drinks on us.. 
31 Aug, 2005Dave ( Hi Melissa, me and my mate are also going out on the 2nd, so will see you there, drinks on us.. 
31 Aug, 2005sharon ( has any one been in september?what's the weather like sept-oct thanks in advance
31 Aug, 2005sharon ( christantema hi i'm off to sunny beach in september staying in the christantema,can anyone tell what the hotel is like?is it as cheap as theysay in sunny beach ?can some one give me an example on prices,cocktails, food, clothes, cigarettes?  
31 Aug, 2005melissa ( HEY, Me and a friend are going aoa on the 3rd of september, and my mum went in sept they got places in the Hotel Svezest they usually place you in a 3* hotel, was told the hotel was basic but clean!!! have a nice time, mite see you there!! mel 
30 Aug, 2005Lynne & Nigel ( timers Hi We are arriving in sunny beach late on the 6th september 05. we got un named accommodation, not been to bulgaria before - has anyone taken aoa before xxxxx 
30 Aug, 2005melissa ( yea no problem, only a few days to go now!! 
27 Aug, 2005Emma ( Melissa I am 24 and my friend is 26, yea will meet up for a drink, will sort something out. 
26 Aug, 2005melissa ( emma Im 18 and my friends 26, wot age r u's? we r just goin for a week too, will have to meet up 4 a drink!! 
26 Aug, 2005Danny ( Hey up, me an 5 lads are guna sunny beach on the 9th of September 4 a week - I know nightlifes supposed to be orate but is there stil guna be people there?

26 Aug, 2005Emma ( Melissa Hiya Melissa, how old are you? How long you there for? We are only there a week. 
25 Aug, 2005Melissa ( Emma Hey Emma, me and my friend are staying at the hotel svezest, we have never been before ethier but have heard that it is really good and really cheap, we are from belfast. 
24 Aug, 2005Emma ( Sorry Melissa, we are from Middlesbrough. Where you from? 
24 Aug, 2005Emma ( Melissa Hi Melissa, me and friend are staying in Fiesta Hotel, on the beach. How many of yous are going and were you staying? Am really looking forward to it. Have never been to Bulgaria before, hope there is plenty to do. 
24 Aug, 2005melissa ( emma emma i think you have the same idea as u's, where r you and your group staying? where u's from?! 
24 Aug, 2005Emma ( Mark Hiya Mark, me and a friend are flying out on 02/09, just wondered what hotel you were staying at and what age group you all are? 
23 Aug, 2005Mel ( mark!! hey mark, we and a few girls r flyin out on 3/09/05 and were just wondering where you and your group r staying? 
19 Aug, 2005Jessu ( There is a thief in Hotel Riu Evrika!

Our family were spending a holiday in July in Riu Evrika. Everything
went briliantly until few days before heading back home. Then we noticed
that all the paper money from two wallets left to our room closet were

Thief had to be some one from the personnel of the hotel since there were
no marks of braking of entry and our 12 year son had stayed nearly all
day in the hotel room due to the sun rash. Luckily there was only 60
euros in the wallets.

As soon as we noticed the teft we told it to the Hotel Manager. She did
not show any interest to our matter. She did not support us, did not
appologise or promise to clear thing out. She even called us liars! We
had payed over 4000 euros of our trip so why we would lye about 60
euros??! Our nice guide who tried to help us (Thank you!)told us that if
we go to the police, it would take over a week and there is no promise
to be taken seriously. So, rest of
our holiday we felt very unsafety and we travelled our important
belonnings with us. Children
were afraid to stay alone in the hotel room....And what did we learn
about this?? Go on, and have a holiday in Bulgaria. But beware, if
something bad happens you are on your own...
06 Aug, 2005marcus ( sunny beach mark - you will have no problem finding good nightlife in sunny beach. I have been to Lazur - big place, lots of fun, lots of scandinavian and some bulgarians - nice women (same throughout bulgaria). I have heard Elephant is good - more house music and a club called Mania - also house. I have also been to a club called Captain Jack - brilliant. It is a pirate ship on the beach in the old town of nessebar, great location great music....GO ! that should do you for now....  
06 Aug, 2005marcus ( this is for trevor who is going to sunny beach looking for property...I am living in Burgas and have lots of contacts in Bulgaria - have you also considered Sozopol for property ??? It is much nicer in my opinion. e-mail me for more info 
05 Aug, 2005Mark ( Hey, i'm heading to Sunny Beach on the 03/09/05. There is 15 of us going, and I was just wondering what the nightlife is like for young people? 
31 Jul, 2005heidi ( beach resort i went to bulgaria in may for the champions league final i thought it was great the ppl r ded friendly asnd everything there is building work goin on down by the victoria hotel but the hotel itself is fabulous. the globus looks ok from the outside and do the best breakfast on the resort not heard anything bad said about it. the best place for your evenng meal is the happy bar it does all kinds of food even english.overall i loved and and would reccomend it and i would personally go again. 
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