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01 Jul, 2008j ()Sunny Beach 19th July - 1st Aug helllo people,

we're 3 guys 26 - 29 heading to sunny beach 19th july - 1st august. 2 canadians and a londoner..we're looking for guys and girls to party/explore the place with. i have a place about 5 mins from sunny beach-we're into music, chillin, checking out sites (istanbul), etc- if any cool peeps wanna hang out email - we could then facebook or whatevs..
30 Jun, 2008Vix () My luggage was gone through and stuff stolen from it too!! Seriously dont put anything of value in it, it WILL get stolen!! Other than thought, awesome holiday will def go back!!! 
26 Jun, 2008big yin ()sunny beach 11th july 12 scots boys heading there 11 july-19th! 
23 Jun, 2008Dan Ellery ()27th of june - 5th of july Six lads going to sunny beach on the 27th of june, only 4 days left now, anyone else going around that time??? 
20 Jun, 2008Mr.Mojo Risin; ()wats the story headin to bulgaria in 3 weeks wit me mates.cant wait.avid smoker tho.anyone know what the craic is with the weed situation?
19 Jun, 2008chris ()15th - 23rd july 08 10 lads going to sunny beach, palm courts, there for a good time and cheap drink! anybody else around that time? 
19 Jun, 2008Gillian ()WOO SUNNY BEACH BABYY!! 7 girlies n 2 boys hittin sunny beach 14th-29th july n stayin at excelsior any1 else goin round that time??

hope the weather is good!!


19 Jun, 2008chris ()15th - 23rd july 08 10 lads going to sunny beach, palm courts, there for a good time and cheap drink! anybody else around that time? 
17 Jun, 2008starscotty ()sunnybeach 4 lads going for 2 weeks 20th june stayin at meridian hotel 
16 Jun, 2008Sean () 6 lads goin from 20th to 27th of june!!  
16 Jun, 2008babes going Sunny Beach ()SUNNY SUNNY BEACH 8 sexy single babes going sunny beach from 3rd august-17th, all party animals AVIN IT LARGE!!!! watch out boys ;)!!! gonna be MENTAL!!!

16 Jun, 2008babes going to sunny beach ()sunny sunny beach 8 sexy single babes going to sunny beach from 3rd of august-17thall party animals AVIN IT LARGE ;)watch out boys!!!!
Cant wait gonna be MENTAL!!!!! xxx 
16 Jun, 2008babes going to sunny beach ()sunny sunny beach 8 sexy single babes going to sunny beach from 3rd of august-17th avin it large ;)watch out boys!!!! cant wait gonna be mental xxx 
12 Jun, 2008Alex ()Sunny Sunny Suzie

hey were goin 23rd til 30th. 
11 Jun, 2008suzie ()bulgaira 23rd june till 1st anyone else? 
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05 Jun, 2008tatwvamc ()gcbyZScPMSgy tickets_3.txt;2;2 
01 Jun, 2008Rocboys ()Sunny beach club Mania, cacao beach and club Lazur We are 2 Rocboys heading 4 SB. We are going this summer 15-23 june 2008. we know how to party, we are the Rocboys. The way of clubbing.

28 May, 2008fran ()im going im off to sunny beach on the 6 june,does any body no what the wheather is realy like this time of year? thanx 
22 May, 2008steff ()going to bulgaria sunny beach hey, im going away on the 9th of june to sunny beach and staying in the juli hotel has any1 stayed their before and is any one going when im going?? 
22 May, 2008Jonny ()sunny beach hey am goin to sunny beach on 4july for 15 days! stayin in the hotel juli on a 18-30 holiday! n e 1 else goin at same time as mee? 
20 May, 2008COB ()Irish Lass Hey

26th of ???
what place u stayin in? 
20 May, 2008kate ()USxyvcTYfsW good work man  
20 May, 2008stephanie ()sunny beach Hey irish lass hittin sunny beach with two of my friends for a girly holday arriving 26th fr two weeks of bliss hopefully, hope its good :) 
19 May, 2008Miguel Martins ()Going to SB Hi, I'm from Portugal, and me and 3 friends are going to SB this Summer.I have a few questions to ask. First we have 19 years old and we are going mainly for beach and nightclubs, so I wanna know where is the best time to go to SB, if July or August , when does it have better wheather, more people , more girls, more fun, another thing, is it really cheap, how much do pay to have a good dinner and a good night? Please somebody that had been there answer me. Cheers 
18 May, 2008AArwXiEwBrDIABRL ()yKnkDqGzpczQsZHmsMR TsmRpP  
18 May, 2008Tommo () hia am goin to sunny beach on the 2nd of june ,just wondered if anybody knew the best clubs to hit and where are all the girls go to ?
Any help it really appreciated.
Cheers tom xxx 
17 May, 2008KqosFLxSLCowfrBURT ()wjYDyXtlebTjRPKSXL AEFTvR  
16 May, 2008James Scott ()Bulgaria Me and 14 mates are goin form 1st July to the 8th July and staying in the palm court hotels, email me 
14 May, 2008Auldy ()4 guys- Sunny Beach Anyone going around 16th-31st of august this year?? im going along with 3 mates 
10 May, 2008Jack ()27th JUNE - 4th JULY 8 GUYS ALL 18
10 May, 2008Jack ()27th JUNE - 4th JULY 8 GUYS ALL 18
09 May, 2008Hull Lads ()Meet up's anyone (ladies) goin between 20th n 30th june??

get in touch. 
07 May, 2008Alex ()Abby hi when u goin??
whats the best things 2 do???? 
07 May, 2008Abby () Went to sunny beach last year,stayed in Hotel Juli. The best holiday I've been on! Was really hot, food was nice, loads to do and lots of fun bars to go 2 at night. Everythings really cheap!Were actually going back this year, this time staying in the Victoria Palace. So if any of you are worried don't be coz it really is amazing! 
06 May, 2008Jack ()Jun 27th - July 4th 6 lads from dartford going to sunny beach, staying at palm courts apartment. MAshup! 
02 May, 2008Hannah and Hayley ()re squirt msg we fly out on the 22nd June, staying in Sunny beach, have email address you can contact me on, and tell you more abt it then, how old are you all? and is it your first time in Bulgaria? plz email us back ok, or anyone who is going to bulgaria frm 22nd June-29th June 08, and we can all meet up, no weirdos or freaks please though lol 
25 Apr, 2008Ali ()Sunny Beach Hey folks is anyone going to Kalufer hotel this year 27th June for 2 weeks, me n four other gals r heading n a bit worried...were used to Malia etc, is Bulgaira good clubbin?

Lemme know 
22 Apr, 2008Squirt ()RE: Hannah N Hayley were u flying from??
u got e-mail or out we can meet up while were out there. there is 8 of us.
how many u goin??? were u from??? 
19 Apr, 2008Grant ()SUNNNY BEAACCH 13TH JUNE  any1 else headin out 13th june? 
19 Apr, 2008Hannah and Hayley ()Sunny beach -----bring it on!!! Hiya, we are off to Sunny Beach 22nd-29th June. We hope that the weather is sunny, the men are hot, and the drinks come easy.............. BRING IT ON  
14 Apr, 2008andrew martin ()azzuro hotel sunny beach dont go here - the food is awful. Also, after reading other reviews we'd heard that they try charging you for 'missing' towels from your room even though they havent gone missing. Sure enough we got charged about 40 levs for 2 towels even though we hadnt lost them! Would go to sunny beach again but definitely not at the AZZURO 
10 Apr, 2008kelly ()summer 2008 baby :) wooop sooo looking forward to sunny beach! july!

wondering if theres any good touristy things??? 
31 Mar, 2008JAS ()SUNNY BEACH going 13th of June til the 20th this year!! CANT WAIT LIKE! 
24 Mar, 2008jonny () hey 5 of us goin 2 sunny beach avenue hotel on 28th of july. any 1 else goin? would like 2 knw if any1 is goin,sounds good. email me plz!  
22 Mar, 2008john galley ()MONEY EXCHANGE ON STREET Last year I was on holiday in Sunny-beach Bulgaria and it is a very nice place .. but be careful with the rogues on the street posing as MONEY EXCHANGE VENDORS ! I had a bad experience when a man stood on the street just around the corner from the MARVEL HOTEL approached me and my family and asked in a type of sly whisper " you want exchange money " so I pulled out my wallet and said " oh you want my money eh ? " and his eyes lit up with greed - as if he was going to rob me ! .. so I said no chance mate you are a con man ! I basicly told him straight but he got really angry and charged up to my face shouting " you fu*king english piece of sh*t - go back home ! " so I walked away telling him to calm down and stop robbing innocent people, but he followed me shouting and ranting about taking me away in a car and how he would shoot me - he said " I dont leave my fu*cking guns at home - I take you in the car and you wont return !" so I was arguing back and this man was raging and you could see he wanted to smash my face in .. there were some old people walking past us looking really shocked at his behaviour - then another man ( a shop worker )came out of a local shop and joined in with the hostile man telling me and my family to " go home english scum ! " .. pretty scary I thought, the man behind all this was Bulgarian,about 36-40 years old,5ft 8",dark shaved head,big biceps with fat belly,tribal tattos and walked like ten men. I have heard these men will actually kill you and the police would not bat an eye lid, I did report this matter to the police but they did not understand english and did not make any attempt to help - the two plicemen just stood and shook their heads like I should not be there anyway, I found most Bulgarians racist pigs who were out to rob us english .. especially waiters and shop owners - please check your change because they rob you all the time and when you tell them you have been short changed they just say " very sorry my mistake " and laugh as if it does not matter - these people are real scum like DEPRIVED BANDITS , there are the odd exeption with "false nice people" like the ladies who work in Boots chemist but I would not reccomend anyone to go to sunny-beach unless you have a fetish to be robbed and treat like an outcast ! 
18 Mar, 2008Squirt ()ANYONE ELSE Hi all anyone going week of june 23rd to july 1st 8 Lads from hullgoing. post a message  
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