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Hotel Information: Augusta Hotel -star hotels

Picture of Augusta HotelPicture of Augusta HotelPicture of Augusta HotelPicture of Augusta Hotel
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LocationSunny Beach
DescriptionAugusta hotel is situated in a peaceful location in the Northern part of Sunny Beach. The Hotel combines the charm of a typical Bulgarian home with the comfort of a modern hotel. Its quiet location is ideal for those seeking a relaxing break amidst tranquil surroundings and yet be within easy reach of the lovely Sunny Beach.
AddressZora village, Sunny Beach
Visitor Comments
imformation - by lucinda howard on 04 Apr, 2011
can any one give me any up to date imformation on the augusta or reconment a small hotel for 2 week stay in bulgaria would be very gratefull ,needs 2 be clean gd food, nice pool and close 2 beach
disgusting - by Cook Chef on 04 Jul, 2010
I have worked there 2 months..Absolutly everyfood cheap quality and like shit.But people doesnt know what they eat there.Just want to say people from here..Never..But never go there..everything like shit.
Augusta - Holiday Hell - by Scott McLaughlin & Mark Smith on 16 Sep, 2009
Where do i begin?????

I am a 3rd year returning guest and it will be the absolute last.

I was extremely disgusted at the change in this once paridice of peace and quiet.
1, the rooms were never cleaned and room service did attend every 3 days
2, the towels AND bedding were never changed, i had to complain several times to have these changed
3, the staff were VERY rude and very unhelpfull
4, the supposidly half board - i got absolutly NO CHOICE in food, what the stinking cheff made was all you got
5, as above - the cheff was never clean his whits were a disgrace
6, the pool was NEVER cleaned in the whole 2 weeks we were there, and the pool was covered in a green scum around the edges
7, there was building work going on right next to the pool with concrete sawing and dust everyplace
8, the electrical maintenence was a sham with light bulb wires hanging out everyplace

the list goes on and on
this is not me being picky there were 18 other guests who all requested an emergency meeting with Balkan head office, to prove these complaints i have photographs of every complaint.

this hotel has went right down hill in the past 9 months, i loved going there formy stay for the past 3 years. but not now.
Unorganised, unproffessional & Not value for money. - by Jo on 16 Jul, 2009
Hi all, i recently, well actually just this morning, arrived home from a one week stay at the Augusta hotel in sunny beach with my boyfriend. when looking on the internet fro something quiet, nice and affordable i came across the Augusta. it looked very nice and extremely friendly which hooked us in straight away and at a price whihc was well in out budget. However, we were both very disappointed on arrival. We were taken through Sunny beach on a lot of drop offs, ours being the final one and much to our suprise we were taken up a fairly steep hill to the hotel, this was the first shock as the advert for the hotel mentioned nothing about a hill, good job neither one of us had walking dfficulties eh. We were then greeted by the hotle staff, 2 women, fairly quiet and brief meeting, she took the passports to note down info which we waited for in the 'lobby'. we were then next shown to our room which was, as specified, not ground floor but up a few flights of stairs. we were next to the room and left to our own devices. Problem number 2, we were staying bed and breakfast, we received no info on breakfast times or location of the restaurant. The room was very basic with 2 beds, a TV, wardrobe and fridge/mini bar, the bathroom was basic too with just a plug in the floor which was where the water went during a shower, a toilet and a sink with mirror. we had a small balcony whcih overlooked what appeared to be a abandoned house, some trees, other hotels and a small snipit of the sea. The view wasnt that unpleasant to be fair. Next problem, there was a pool pictured and mentioned on the advert but there was no pool to be seen, at this point we were both shocked and very annoyed at the lack of communication the staff had with us on arrival. so we took a visit to the staff, they then showed us the pool and restaurant and explained about times of places of breakfast...finally. The pool wasnt very big and was quite shaded so not much sun got in but at least that was there. We then took a stroll to the sea front, this supposedly 200m away? I dont think so!!! it was a fair walk to the beach and it was badly signposted. Once we were there it was a relief and the walk down the beach front was nice. So it comes to bedtime, the beds were incredibly uncomfortable and made so much noise everytime you moved so through the hole 7 nights we were there we got little sleep. The next day we had a visit to the rep just a little welcome meeting which was good to get info on things to do and so on, we were picked up at a bus stop about 5-7 minute walk from the hotel which we thought was a little tight, why not come to the hotel? Anyway after a few stops at other hotels and no one else joining we went to a restaurant to see our rep all went well and we booked a few trips. We then went to the pool for some sun, thunder and a swim. Next complaint, the maid service, we worked out that the maids visited every other day however im a little unsure as to what they did =s, yes our beds were made but they werent changed our hole stay, we didnt receive new towels and the bathroom wasnt cleaned, gross!! Well as you can see by my short novel neither i or my partner was impressed by this hotel or more so the lack of info we got about it before or whilst we were there, im afraid i would not recommend this hotel it just wasnt really an enjoyable experience for us and considering it was rated 3* i was expecting a little bit more in the way of service and comfort. The time spoent out of the hotel made the holiday enjoyable but knwoing we had to return at least once a day was the worst part. I can see that im so far the only one to complain haha. Im just saying it how it was on our holiday.
returning August - by Doc Bones (Scott & Mark) on 20 Feb, 2009
Hi all, have just booked our two week holiday and will be staying in the same hotel, we are really excited and looking forward to being with VERY VERY close friends again. ps the two guys on the website photos are me and mark (i am the SLIGHTLY older one hahahaha)
augusta hotel sunny beach - by diane on 09 Jul, 2008
my husband 10 year old son and myself are going to the augusta hotel this august 2008 has anyone been there recently as all the reviews are quite old and we have never been to bulgaria before, does anyone know anywere that does football for my son i will be very greatfull thanks e.mail
information - by Sanda Voinea on 26 Mar, 2007
Please tell me more about the price and the posibillity to reserve 3 rooms in july 2007.
reservation - by Gábor Tóth on 30 Jan, 2007
Please send me the prices and all kind of detailed information about this hotel
I'm intersted also for apartmants
my e-mail:

We are going to Sunny Beach in middle if July.

We are 4 persons.

info - by Katia on 17 Jun, 2006
hi, I need info about this hote, all kind of info, starting with prices ending with the distance from the sea.
my e-mail
couldn't wish for a better hotel 2-16 july 2005 - by dan coward on 17 Jul, 2005
i visit bulgaria in july this year. the hotal was amazing and all the staff where exellent and so friendly to quests. they treated me and everyone alse at the hotel like family and not just like any other torrist. the bar staff and restraunt staff were amazing had good understanding of us and where very helpful and nothing was ever to much trouble. the rooms and the hotel was spotless and always clean and tidy. i would recomend this hotel to anyone that is lookin on visiting bulgaria of any age. i would like to thank all the people at the hotel for all the work and the way the treated our family at our stay here. it was a very emotional goodbye for me as i thought i was sayin good buy to family i will b reterning back to bulgaria next summer and will hopefully be staying here or will defently visit the hotel to see my close friends i had made with the hotel.
photos - by Scott McLaughlin on 19 Jun, 2005
hi again, if you are wanting to go to the Augusta i will be happy to send you some photos of the hotel and the beach, what you see on their website is what you get - (nothing is made up just for the net). my e-mail address is -

holiday 2nd june to 16th june 2005 - by Scott McLaughlin , Mark Smith on 17 Jun, 2005
hi, myself and my cousin have just spent two weeks in the hotel augusta and personally we both think the hotel deserves 4 stars for several reasons -
1. the rooms were spotless and brand new
2. room service was every day
3. food was excelent and varied
4. and all the staff made you feel like you were part of the family and not just another tourist.
5. the pool was clean and there was plenty of room to relax and enjoy your self - compaired to 5 star hotels where the sunloungers are all crammed together like cattle.
When we had to leave to come home it was an emotional experiance as we felt we were saying goodbye to special family members. in all i will be returning to the augusta hopefully in september if not def next summer.

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