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Hotel Information: Jasmine Hotel -star hotels

Picture of Jasmine HotelPicture of Jasmine HotelPicture of Jasmine Hotel
LocationSunny Beach
DescriptionThe hotel is situated in the center of the sunny beach near by main street market, in 500m from the beach.

Capacity: 100 rooms, all equipped with TV SAT, telephone, bathroom with shower, balcony.
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Room Facilities:
Satellite TV Telephone
Hotel Facilities:
Bar Outdoor Swimming Pool Parking Restaurant Snack Bar Taxi
Additional Information:
Lobby bar, restaurant, pool bar and swimming pool.
AddressSunny Beach Complex
Visitor Comments
Cheap, but not good value - by U. N. on 05 Oct, 2008
Plus points: The hotel has a swimming pool. Some friendly staff.

Minus points: Furniture is very basic (hardly anywhere to unpack clothes, youíve got to live out of your suitcase), toilet flush not working properly, limited supply of toilet paper, some smelly rooms (cigarette smoke). Some of the staff are extremely uncooperative (e.g. some waiters and the barman of the adjoining Kokiche restaurant - where Jasmine guests are sent to eat - refuse to take orders for drinks).

Lowlight of our stay there: One evening, although our group were the only guests in the lobby, the receptionists were unwilling to switch off the TV on our request. Instead, they turned up the volume when we started talking to each other. After half an hour the male receptionist threw us out of the lobby, shouting at us in Bulgarian (he didnít speak any foreign languages) with his body posture strongly suggesting that he was about to commit physical violence to us. This was, as we found out with the help of a Bulgarian-speaking friend, because we had laughed while talking (not particularly loudly Iíd like to add). Our group leader requested to speak to the manager and was given an appointment for the following morning. The manager never turned up, which made it abundantly clear that not even management cares whether guests have an enjoyable stay at the Jasmine Hotel.
Jasmine -- cheap Ballermann atmosphere - by hotel guest on 04 Oct, 2008
The hotel was rather loud. Blaring music in every courtyard that did not stop until after midnight, TVs in the lobby and restaurant did not allow for a sinlge place of quiet. Youth groups that get discounts at the end of the season contributed to the noise.

The breakfast was not all that rich. If you do not like copious amounts of fluffy white bread or can subsist on eggs and sausages, you had better buy something in the local supermarkets. The coffee does not deserve the name, it was some ground coffee powder with lots of hot water.

The staff was somewhere between disinterested and unfriendly (but at least could do standard tasks such as keeping your keys).

Using chairs around the pool is not free, btw.

On the positive side: the rooms were clean and rather cool (but there is no heating if it gets too cold). The beach is about ten minutes away and there are small supermarkts around the hotel grounds.

So if you like Ballermann atmosphere and are looking for a cheap hotel, consider Jasmine.

If not, reconsider.

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