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Hotel Information: Kalofer Hotel -star hotels

Picture of Kalofer HotelPicture of Kalofer HotelPicture of Kalofer Hotel
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LocationSunny Beach
DescriptionLocation: in the North part of Sunny Beach, only 80 meters from the
Accommodation: 62 standard double rooms, 75 deluxe double rooms and
6 apartments, all equipped with air-conditioning, direct dial phone, mini-bar,
satellite TV, Internet, bathrooms with shower cabin and hair-drier.
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Room Facilities:
Air Conditioner Hair Dryer Minibar Room Service Satellite TV Telephone
Hotel Facilities:
Bar Beauty Shop Conference Hall Internet Massage Center Medical Services Parking Restaurant Sauna Trade Center
Additional Information:
Facilities: The hotel is fully renovated in 2006 and offers restaurant
with 200 seats, barbecue with 100 seats, 24-hour room service, non-stop bar,
outdoor swimming pool and children’s pool, steam bath, sauna, massage saloon,
cosmetic salon, hair dresser, souvenir shop, mini market, change, doctor cabinet,
safe, guarded parking lot, 2 conference rooms.
AddressSunny Beach Sea Resort
Visitor Comments
confused - by lana on 17 Feb, 2010
i dnt na weather or nt i wanna go here ive heard mixed things about it is it really as bad as it seems n wt is there 2 do there im only 23 and luv 2 party any where gud
hellooooo - by jugs on 08 Feb, 2010
8th feb2010. Hi there.. where thinking about booking till go for the summer to the kalofer cuz it looks lively and in the center. sum off the reviews are putting me off... if any 1 has been in the past year could u let us know. are if there is any1 that knows where there is somewhere else in sunny beach good and in the center and lively please do let us know thanks....
Kalofer Hotel - by Magnus on 26 Jan, 2010
I have been to sunny beach two years in a row. Just had a look around to see if the hotel i ocupied still exist. When i found this i decided to write and tell you about my experience. The first year i was there it was brilliant staff was wonderfull and i belive it was 4stars. Second year i came the management was all changed, but the normal staff was the same and they had a guard hired. So the staff was still good apart from the managers. The guard was carrying a gun and acted very mental and wierd towards the guests, several times he would burst into guests room waving hes gun or rod. Telling guests to shut up etc...
Which was very uncomfortable. Which in my eyes made the hotel feel very unpleasent. I still recall the guard pulling hes gun threatening a guy that took a bath in the pool when it was closed. Hopefully for future visitors they hired a new guard or removed the guard.
20.06.2010 - by K on 21 Jan, 2010
Just been reading some of the comments on Kalofer.....please tell me it's not as bad as what people are making out!

Me and 9 mates are heading there in June and the reviews are putting me off!!!!

I'm hoping it's just people who are hard to satisfy!

Anyone going in June????? X
Brilliant! 9/10 - by Nick on 08 Jul, 2009
Well after looking at all of these reviews before i went on holiday i was dreading it, but the hotel was fine, staff were extremly nice( with the execption of the security who could'nt speak english and was just plain rude!) also the beds got made every 2 days.
The breakfast was okay, if you want it warm go at 8am! One other annoying thing was the early morning music which people in the room below decided to blast out at 7am!! The place had lots of young people, mainly from northen england, Germany & the Scandinavia countries!
kalofer hotel - by a couple from ireland on 19 Aug, 2008
We would not recommend this hotel to any boby only back yesterday 18/8/08. when we arrived our room had 2 single beds in it and you could not swing a cat in it we had to pay an extra 40 lev (20 euro)to change the room.The staff were not nice people I had to fight to get back our passports.The food was very very bad and the swimming pool was as dirty and too much chlorene.
6 mad dublin fellas going A--walll - by anton-de-siberski on 30 Jul, 2008
hello to whoever may read this... meself and 5 lads from dublin ireland our on our way to kalofer... wat is there to be doing and where is the best nightclub to go to.....during the day is the activies..... where is the cheapest jack daniels.... if there are any fine ladies around give us a shout... where very good lookin lads.... where coming 1st august til the 9th ... see yas then..... reply to this if u have an info for me ta
eeeee :D - by Rose!!!! on 30 Jun, 2008
oh my actual god! totally cant wait till the 4th!!! 12 fabulous ladies of leeds are coming for two weeks and ohhh deary me im so excited!!!! we get there in the morning at like 3 so sorry if we wake you with our excitingnesssss!!!!! x
kalofer 2008 - by kaylz on 30 Jun, 2008
just back from bulgaria on sat (28th june) stayed in the kalofer hotel. we all had a gr8 time! the staff in the hotel were lovely, the room was clean, the pool wasnt too busy n there were always enough sunbeds! the food wasnt fantastic, but if you stick to stuff like pizza u cant really go wrong! there is plenty of stuff 2 do n if u r goin with escapades mke sure u go on the hawian night, its well worth it (even the hangover is worth it!) the water park is a good day out 2!
Kalofer Hotel - by Alison on 06 Jun, 2008
Hey folks, anywhere no good night life? Myself and four other gals are heading on the 27th ov July for 2 weeks wahey! Scottish Gals ere w goooo xxx
welsh boys visiting - by Lloyd on 09 Apr, 2008
hey, 8 welsh lads staying in this hotel from the 4th of july, any1 know where to go?
Info - by Gaz on 23 Mar, 2008
Hello me n 6 lads from glasgow are going here 1st august, dont reeli know much about where to go or the nightlife just heard its top notch! ne1 got ne inside tips on where to hit, and any info on this hotel would be helpful, keep reading mixed reviews!
12 girlies from leeds going, whats it like? - by abby on 14 Jan, 2008
12 girlies from leeds are going here on the 4th july. anyone know where to go on a night? prices? anything like that :) xx
Review - by Gillian Cunningham on 06 Dec, 2007
Stay away from this hotel. Absolutely discusting treatment from the hotel staff. Me and my boyfriend went for a quiet holiday, only to be blamed for cracking the bathroom mirror and putting a hole in the wall. The room was already like that on arrival, whilest checking out after a week long stay, we were hit with a bill of 300lev (£130) We were the only couple not to recieve our passports the day after check-in, only to become clear why at the end of the holiday. We pleaded with the hotel manager (who, is a nasty piece of work) that the damage was not ours, and that we did not have any money left. We were told we would be detained in the country and have to pay off our debts as cleaners and waiters in the hotel. She didnt speak a word of english, and our rep didnt speak bulgarian. This was the reason why we didnt get our passports back, so that we had to pay the money. Other people have been hit with the same con time after time!
We got the bill translated only to learn we had actually been charged for Football?? an ashtray?? 6 bath towels?? a matress?? bed linen?? a whole new carpet for the room?? a tv remote control?? the list of weird and wonderful mysteries goes on!! No sign of a mirror or a wall on the bill. The food is very poor, the pool has too much chlorene and has the coldest water in it I have ever experienced. Hardly anyone was brave enough to bear it. Seriously tho, I would not advise anyone to stay here, there is better places to stay in Bulgaria than this sh*t hole. Looks nice in the pictures, nothing like them in reality. Takes ages to get to the beach and is situated on a scary road. Not a place for a holiday, was more like a prison.
kalofer hotel - by alice on 18 Jul, 2007
stayin in d kalofer on d 24th can't wait t c wat dis place is like! Any1 kno if its near any d nite life or wat's near it????????
6 lads goin 25th june - by Steve on 20 Jun, 2007
Hey, me and 5 mates are goin to kalofer with escapades on the 25th June. Any one else goin get in touch:
Kalofer Hotel 2nd July - by Ross on 20 Jun, 2007
Any decent reviews of this hotel from previous clubbing hols? 15 of us going this year for a week 2nd juky. Any1 else going at this time? email
horwl - by Alex on 24 May, 2007
We've been there last summer. The room was very clean, with comfortable beds and good air conditioning. Bed sheets changed 2 times per week, bath towels - every 2 days. Breakfast is ok, I mean neither great nor bad at all. On the last day there happened a huge flood in the town with a strong wind. The first floors of most of the hotels were flooded. :) Lots of British, German and Scandinavian people around. The pool is quite small, water contains too much chlorine to my opinion. The road to the beach is quite shady, but not straight at all. General impression: not bad, a good and quite place to spend the vacation.
Mixed reviews - by Julie on 04 Apr, 2007
Going to stay here from 28th May, seen bad comments and some good ones. What is it really like???
Reviews - by Sally on 26 Mar, 2007
Hi, i'm travelling to Kalofer on 29th june. Does anybody have any info that me and my mates can get up to? if so. email....
Kalofer Hotel - by Chris on 20 Mar, 2007
Guys, there 5 Aberdeen Lads here in July 9th. In low down on the hotel and stuff to do?? Contact me on Cheers
hotels - by aidy on 17 Jan, 2007
what is this hotel like, i am booked in there for the 6th of aug? will it be worth my wile?

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