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Hotel Information: Sea Grace Hotel -star hotels

Picture of Sea Grace HotelPicture of Sea Grace HotelPicture of Sea Grace Hotel
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LocationSunny Beach
DescriptionLocation: The hotel is located in the western part of the resort, 15 min away from the center and only 5 min walk to the beach.
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Room Facilities:
Air Conditioner Radio Satellite TV
Hotel Facilities:
Outdoor Swimming Pool Parking Taxi
Additional Information:
Facilities in the Hotel: The complex offers luxury furnished rooms and apartments with one or two bedrooms. Outdoor swimming pool for children and adults, lounges and small tables.

Facilities in the rooms: All apartments are completely equipped with TV with Bulgarian and satellite channels, Internet, DVD/CD/MP3 stereo system, air-condition, facilities for preparing coffee/tea, microwave, refrigerator.
AddressSunny Beach Complex
Visitor Comments
Terrible apartment house - by Charlie Jely on 03 Aug, 2010
We have been in Bulgaria at the sunny beach, several times before, but we have never came back with that kind of bad feelings, what we still have now.
Most of the issues are coming from the false promises what our tour operator told us (
We wanted to relax, and spend a lot of time on the beach.

We have arrived late evening to the apartment house, and the first thing we have noticed, that there are no pavement or even paved road around the building, nor in the area.
Next morning when I've woke up, and I looked out, I saw a lot of homeless people and their shanty around this apartment house. (I was looking for hidden spy cams, because I couldn't believe that this isn't a just a joke.)
One of the air con was broken (they have fixed it in a few days), the cable of the tv was pulled out of the wall (they have also fixed it).
There were 3 spoons, 3 forks, 3 knifes for 5 of us!
The drain in the middle of the bathroom was life-threatening. There was sewage flown from behind the toilet, every time we flushed it.
There was also some cockroaches...
I would expect a bit more from a 4 start apartment house!

The beach is more than 900 meters from the apartment house. I've measured with gps, and you can easily check it on any kind of online maps.
(If these guys, who reviewed that accommodation, say, that it's 5 minutes from the beach, than they were running!!! Think, 900 meters in 5 minutes, means 10km/h!!!)
It's about 15 minutes walk from the beach.

Extremely disappointed in this accommodation and the tour operator who also lied to us.

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