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Bulgaria Yacht Checkpoint Launches in Tsarevo

Date: 23 May, 2009
A yacht checkpoint will be operational in Bulgaria's Black Sea town of Tsarevo in the end of June 2009.

The announcement was made Friday by Tsarevo's Mayor, Petko Arnaudov, at the Hypo Bulgaria Boat Show 2009 in Varna.

The absence of a checkpoint in Tsarevo troubles yachts which are traveling south.

Currently yachts can acquire the so called "control" only in Varna or Burgas. Without the "control" vessels cannot leave Bulgaria's borders.

Moreover, once the "control" is taken the vessel cannot stop in any Bulgarian port.

These are the reasons that made all involved in yacht business to insist on the creation of checkpoint in Tsarevo.

Source: Sofia News Agency (
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