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Bulgarian Eco Activists Protest against Tsarevo Sea Resort Development Plan

Date: 22 Jul, 2008
About 30 eco-activists gathered Tuesday in front of the Environment Ministry building to stage a protest against the plan for development of Bulgaria's Black Sea resort of Tsarevo at the time when it had to be discussed.

The protestors claim the plan does not correspond to NATURA 2000 program, which includes protected areas across the country. They claim also that the plan contradicts to the European directives.

If the plan is approved that would mean the natural park of Strandzha will be destroyed, the ecologists said.

Environment Minister Dzhevdet Chakarov ordered that the debates on the plan should be postponed as scientific institutions and NGOs have recently submitted statements as the information they give differs from that previously provided by the contractors.

The whole information concerns the expected effect on the protected zones in the region of Tsarevo.

Source: Sofia News Agency (
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