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Bulgaria's Varna to Exhibit Life-Size Dinosaurs

Date: 31 May, 2010
Models of life-size dinosaurs will be exhibited in the Sea Garden of Bulgaria's Black Sea city Varna over the summer.

The collection of dinosaur models will be brought from Russia and Ukraine at the initiative of the Varna Regional History Museum, announced Sunday its director, Valentin Pletnyov.

The mini Jurassic Park of several dinosaur models will be placed around the Natural History Museum located in the Sea Garden; one of them is expected to be a T-Rex.

“This attraction will be mostly for the kids,” said Pletnyov explaining that the Ministry of Culture has already granted a permit for the life-size dinosaur exhibit, and permission from the Varna Municipality is expected.

The exhibit will be in place as soon as the paperwork is completed, and will remain in Varna till the beginning of October 2010.

It will be accompanied by a mini-zoo of living contemporary reptile species.

Source: Sofia News Agency (
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