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10 Feb, 2017Trish ( #37 gman: Yeah well some people will be amazed that the sellers owned the house in a blue ribbon Bergen co train town for over 6 yesr,aand will probably not have made a dime on it. 
24 Aug, 2012George ( thecanadiantraveler:Comfort Inn Brossard, QCI stayed very brilfey at the Comfort Inn while driving from Nova Scotia to Ontario.This was not a leisure trip, but a move, and the hotel was just a pit stop. I checked in late, and it was one of few budget hotels/motels in the area with a front desk open at this time, so that's where I ended up.The rate wasn't bad, $89.99 for a double bed. The hotel location was convenient, and there were restaurants, gas, major highways etc. nearby and it was just outside of Montreal, minutes to downtown. I arrived speaking very little french but both staff members I dealt with were friendly, helpful, and well versed in English. We had no communication problems as far as language barriers go anyway.There was one issue that was not communicated to me until I arrived. I was travelling with my pet, and had to pay a $25 surcharge, which I was informed about. Though I think this is a bit steep, especially where I doubt they do any additional cleaning, I was willing to pay this. The issue was, that pet owners are also forced to stay in smoking rooms. I was not informed of this, and by the time I arrived (11 pm, after, as mentioned most other motel reception areas had closed), I had little other option. This wasn't just a smoking room, it was like a bingo hall. I usually don't let this sort of thing bother me, but the smell/air quality was terrible. I had a hard time sleeping. All in all, I ended up in the room for 7 hours, managed to sleep off and on for 4, and paid $132.99 or thereabouts for it not worth it. 
01 Jul, 2008Sarah Tomasan ()Varna I was in Varna for a week and I enjoyed my rest a lot.I was with my husband and dother at hotel "Orbita".It's a very cousy hotel without breakfast in the payment,but it was in the centre and there where a lot of places to eat,have fun or spend a romantic moment. 
06 Oct, 2006Paulina ( Hi :) If you want to go to Varna is better to take dollars than euro.Im living there and dollars are more used than euro. 
26 Aug, 2006Tom Hughes ( I have heard it is better to take U.S dollers to bulgaria is this true? 
02 Aug, 2005Angela ( holiday in Varna I am planing a holiday with my family in the begining of September.Can any body suggest some interesting places pls .I will be interested in some places suitable for a ten year old and even somewhere for the adults. 
15 Feb, 2005Tedi ( different comment I am Bulgarian but I adore travelling and exploring new cultures.Visit Varna and I promise that u are gonna have great time especially if have more contact with the people!I am gonna expect u here 
06 Nov, 2004Kam ( City full of life Varna, is an excellent city with good food and dring, lot of places to go lot of things to do. People are very friendly. I have been travelling for many years and been to many parts of the world but there is some thing about Varna that's magical and I'm keep going back, this year I have visited three times. By the way for those who might be wondering about the cost well food and dring is very cheap, stay in good hotel so you enjoy the trip properly. 
06 Jul, 2004naski ( I would like to visit Varna, but have no idea how much money should I take with me for a couple? Let say for a 10 day visit?
regards, Naski 
29 Apr, 2004James Clavin ( Lovely city, gorgeous weather, delicious food (Greek salad with 'rakia' is my favourite!) and very cheap beer. What really strike me - people go out at 12 o'clock midnight! Will definitely go back...  
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