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Varvara, Bulgaria

Location map: Varvara
Distance to district city: 83 km.

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Sightseeing nearby: Silistar Protected Area

Location: The traditional fishermen village of Varvara is 3km to the north of Ahtopol. Though it does not have a sandy beach as other nearby villages, its budget accommodation in typical Bulgarian houses with cool shadows of grape vines in the front yard makes it a preferred holiday place for artists and other people in search of quietness and solitude. It is also favourite place for divers for it is full of stone cavities. Moreover, its walking distance to the beaches of Ahtopol makes up for the lack of a sandy beach for those not charmed by sunbathing over rocks.

History: The village is an old fishermen settlement, which has grown into a tourist destination only in the past decade.

Places of Interest: The rocky coast between Varvara and Ahtopol is breathtaking with its beauty, particularly in the serenity of the early morning. Beside, similarly to other traditional villages in the Strandzha Mountains and its neighbourhood, Varvara is famous for its annual 'nestinarski' dances in a field just outside the village along the road to Ahtopol.

Accommodation: Due to the relatively low popularity of the resort, one can easily rent a bargain room or a house, with plenty of brand-new spacious houses having mushroomed over the last few years.

Catering: As the village is still comparatively undeveloped as a resort, pubs and restaurants are less in number but in no case worse than in neighbouring villages and towns. One can also take the 3km ride/walk to Ahtopol, where choice of outdoor food is abundant. Varvara is a favourite place for those preferring to cook for themselves as one can easily buy freshly caught fish from almost every house, while local people offer truly delicious produce of vegetables and fruit in the front of their houses.

Transport: Regular buses to Ahtopol, Sinemoretz and Rezovo take and drop travelers in the central square of Varvara.

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