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Kamchiya River, Bulgaria

Location map: Kamchiya River
Known also as: Kamchia River

Resorts nearby: Sunny Beach - Obzor - Varna - Byala - Kamchia - Shkorpilovtsi

Location: The mouth of the Kamchiya River is situated 34 km south of Varna, or in the middle of the coast line stretching out to the town of Byala.

History and General Info: The mouth of the Kamchiya River is one of the most beautiful sights along the Bulgarian coast. The region is known for its wide beaches, starting from an area called Paletsa (The Thumb) to the north and ending to the Black Cape near the village of Shkorpilovtsi to the south. A recently-built holiday complex is situated at the riverís mouth.
The merger of two small rivers springing from the Eastern Stara Planina Mountain - Louda Kamchiya and Golyama Kamchiya Ė gives birth to the Kamchiya River. Running down through the Balkan Mountain, Kamchiya meanders through a grove called Longoza, which features tropical flora. Besides various trees and bushes, ferns, reed and yellow water lilies also grow here. The frequently flooded place is protected by UNESCO. The reserve is 40km long (stretching throughout the Longoza forest to the river mouth) and 5km wide at some places. One can see here does, deer, sea hawks, eagles, wild boars and wild cats, among others.
Once, Kamchia was called Panisos. Later, Slavs gave it the name of Ticha. Its contemporary name is considered to be of Kouman origin. The Romans built a stronghold called Erite on its left bank. Later, the Lipovani tribe settled along its banks. The tribe was an offspring of Russian followers of the Gregorian Calendar who came here from the mouth of the Danube.

Places of Interest: The Shkorpilovtsi Holiday Complex is located near a village of the same name, and it spreads to White Cape to the south. There are two campsites in it, the Izgev Campsite, and the Horizon Campsite. One can find restaurants and pubs in both the village and the camping sites. Naturelovers can go on foot to the Black Cape, which hangs over the sea with its old oak forest, and its spring of cold water. Further to the south there is a wide inlet with a drinking water fountain, while the White Cape with its lime rocks can be seen just opposite to it.

Accommodation: There are several hotels in the neighbourhood with the Kamchia Hotel and the Longoz Hotel being the most popular among them. Besides, there are three large campsites - Paradise, Pirin and Kamchia, while private lodgings can be also found in the nearby villages. Prices here are more than reasonable while in most cases, one does not need to book accommodation beforehand.

Catering: Apart from the large restaurants - Kamchiya, Lillie of Kamchiya, Kamchiiska Sreshta, and Hambarite, which combine rich cuisines and show programs - there are a lot of small bistros and pubs offering delicious sea and river food. There is a good restaurant in the area called Poda, which is situated at the riverís mouth. There are also a lot of small stores and a supermarket, while one can buy fresh fruit and vegetables in nearby villages.

Transport: There is regular transport from Varna and villages in the vicinity of Kamchiya during the holiday season. Water transport along the river is regular and offers a great experience at low fares.
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