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Ropotamo River, Bulgaria

Location map: Ropotamo River
Resorts nearby: Sozopol - Kiten - Tzarevo - Primorsko - Lozenetz - Chernomoretz - Duni

Location: The mouth of the Ropotamo river is situated in the middle of the coast line stretching between the holiday city of Duni and the town of Primorsko, about 45km to the south of Bourgas.

History and General Info: The Ropotamo river originates from springs located some 50 kilometers to the west in the Strandzha Mountains. The mouth of the river is some 30 meters wide and is a favorite place of local fishermen. The river is named after the Greek goddess of 'Ro', meaning 'Run' (Potamo meaning in turn "River'). The legend tells that the Goddess was so charming and sang so beautifully that she managed to talk in pirates to leave the area in peace.
The Ropotamo river is particularly famous for its tender water lilies. A boat trip down the river or a walk along its banks is an unforgettable experience. Tour boats sail down the lower section of the river. The nature here is breathtaking for its abundance of flora species, impressive rocky formations (such as the so-called Lion's Head rock standing out on the right-hand bank of the river), small caves, and water plants and animals. Ropotamo was declared a natural reserve already in 1940 - it is home to more than 100 species, to be found in the country's Red Book of endangered species. With its 1,000 ha of land, it is also among the country's protected areas. Among the most attractive representatives of the local fauna are enormous white-tailed eagles with wingspans of over 200 centimeters, and eagle owls, some of which make their nests in the above-mentioned Lion's Head rock.
Besides its appeal to naturelovers, the area is of particular attraction to hunters as well. Red deer, fallow deer, wild boar, roe deer, wolf, fox and jackal are the main game species. The migratory birds' route of 'Via Pontica' also passes over the territory of Ropotamo, which is connected to the presence of various wild duck and geese and particularly woodcock. The latter is a favorite target of many foreign hunters visiting the region during the autumn or winter.

Transport: A boarding place for tour boats is located on the road between Duni and Primorsko. Most regular bus lines connecting Bourgas to the southern sea resorts pass through there and drop tourists.
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