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Yaylata / Kamen Briag, Bulgaria

Location map: Yaylata / Kamen Briag
Known also as: Kamen Bryag, Stone Coast, Yailata

Resorts nearby: Kavarna - Roussalka - Shabla

Location: The Stone Coast (Kamen Bryag in Bulgarian; known also as 'Yaylata') is situated about 60km north of Varna. It lies on the sea coast between the beautiful Kaliakra and Shabla capes. A village by the same name of Kamen Bryag (Stone Coast) is located 2km north of the Yaylata area.

History and General Info: Although Yaylata is a bit far from the most popular resorts and hence is little known as a tourist attraction, it is one of the most amazing places along the Bulgarian coast. It represents an oval ledge, broken off the Dobrudja plate by the coast. The big cliffs make this area almost unaccessible, except via a few narrow paths among the rocks. About 40 caves can be found in the vertical cliffs hanging over the sea. Their smoothened walls and niches dug deep into the rock speak about the existence of an ancient cave settlement there. There are also remains of a stronghold dating back to Roman and Byzantine times. A 90 ha region is declared a protected archeological area.

Transport: The Yaylata area can be accessed by car, while most of the caves can be reached only by professional speleologists.

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