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Taukliman, Bulgaria

Location map: Taukliman
Known also as: Taoukliman

Resorts nearby: Kavarna - Roussalka - Shabla - Krapets

Location: The area of Taukliman (meaning literally Birds' Bay in Turkish) lies 16km north of Kavarna and 61km away from the city of Varna, with the high-class resort of Roussalka being its southern neighbour. The coast here is dented by small bays, covered by sand, pebbles, bigger stones and even rocks.

History and General Info: Taukliman is one of the many nature reserves along the coast. A few stair-like sand terraces lead step by step to a jagged rocky coast, featuring a number of small exotic islets. The lake (or else known as 'firth') of Taukliman, called also Nanevska Tuzla, lies on the lowest such terrace.
During seasonal migrations, the lake welcomes hundreds of birds, stopping by for a rest and food. In those times, the lake becomes a real birds' paradise. Besides the passers-by, the rocky massifs and the slopes covered with thick plantation shelter birds such as owls, buzzards, mocking birds, and reptiles threatened by extinction. Yet the number of local bird species has declined significantly in recent years after the resort of Roussalka started functioning.
Nearby, one can come across remains of pagan sanctuaries, settlements dating back to the Middle Ages, a Roman fortress used in the 5th century AC, a number of stone vessels used for wine production, etc. The crystal-clear water, the surface hiding remains of ancient times as well as the numerous representatives of sea flora and fauna make the area particularly attractive to divers. Unfortunately, waste waters of the nearby resort of Roussalka pour directly into the lake, inflicting a great damage on the local ecosystem and giving yellow, brown and green shades to the lake's own waters.

Transport: One can get to Russalka by bus and then take a few-minute walk to north to Toukliman.

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