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Beach Kara Dere

Kara Dere
Kara Dere
Kara Dere
Kara Dere
Kara Dere
The Kara Dere beach is one of the last remaining natural beaches on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. Due to its relative isolation from nearby settlements, Kara Dere has remained largely out of the urbanization process of the shore and hence, not very popular and overpopulated.

Kara Dere is around 6-7 km away from Byala, a town in the far southern part of the Varna region. You can reach Kara Dere through an unpaved road starting just north of Byala. There are no sings, so make sure you use a map, a GPS or you have consulted someone who knows the way. Note that despite the relatively short distance and even if you travel by car, the road seems long an almost half an hour ride. Since you might not want to undertake this ride twice a day, make sure you bring enough food supplies and drinking water.

The Kara Dere beach is about 5 km long and is surrounded by a bushy forest. During the summer, the beach becomes a camping site for those wishing to escape any civilization there is even no cell phone coverage in the area. Most of the beach is used for tent camping, caravans are usually confined to the northern-most part of the beach due to difficulties in transporting them to the southern side.

The camping is free, but there are no utilities such as electricity, toilets or bathrooms. There is no tap water and the only sweet water available on the beach is a stream in the southern end. On the northern end of the Kara Dere beach there is a small restaurant, working no later than 9 pm, where cold beverages and a limited number of meals are served at reasonable prices.

The lack of some comfort is more than compensated by Kara Dere's natural offerings the fine sand, the clean water and the opportunity to spot dolphins in the bay. The beach is suitable for topless and nude sun-bathing, since people there are very tolerant. You can rely on quiet evenings around the camp fire, as the majority of people camping on Kara Dere are families. If you and your group are looking for more of a place to party and make noise, search for a camping spot in the far southern part of the beach.

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Closest resorts to Kara Dere beach:
Byala - 4.29 km.; Shkorpilovtsi - 5.62 km.; Obzor - 10.47 km.; Kamchia - 13.26 km.; Elenite - 24.56 km.;

Closest places of interest:
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Loaction map of beach Kara Dere (source: Google):
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