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Beach Pasha Dere

Pasha Dere
Pasha Dere is a beautiful wild beach some 15km to the south of Varna that borders a protected area of the same name. It is the last beach to the south of Varna before the start of the seaside highway, connecting Varna and Bourgas. The beach is reached down an asphalt road, which transforms into a dirty road for its last kilometer or so. Nevertheless, you do not need an off-road vehicle to get there. After one leaves Varna, he/she needs to pass through the Galata quarter and then through the Borovets villa zone. Before reaching the Chernomorets hut, one needs to take a turn to the left in order to get to Pasha Dere. The last part of the road is rather steep and dusty, which makes some leave their car in the upper part and take a short walk to the beach. The seawater is typically crystal clean but due to the lack of a concessionaire, one comes across tourist waste in the sand and in the woods just behind the beach. The wood is used by some as an improvised camping site, but one has to bear in mind that the population of mosquitoes is pretty dense there. The beach is not guarded, and there are neither snack bars nor beach umbrellas there. That makes Pasha Dere one of least crowded, especially during working days. The beach is used by nudists, too.

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Loaction map of beach Pasha Dere (source: Google):
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