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Aheloy, Bulgaria

Location map: Aheloy
Known also as: Aheloi

Distance to district city: 27 km.

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Sightseeing nearby: Emine Cape - Pomorie Lake

Location: The village of Aheloy has about 5000 inhabitants and is located 7km southwest of Nessebar. It lies on the motorway to Bourgas near the mouth of the Aheloy River.

History: In the vicinity of Aheloy village the Bulgarian Tsar Simeon I destroyed the armies of the Byzantine emperor Lion Foka. The field of the landmark battle, which made the Bulgarian state the uncontestable dominion of the Balkan peninsula, is called nowadays Kokalos (having its root in the Bulgarian word for 'Bones') after the scattered corpses of killed soldiers.

Places of Interest: The village of Ravda is situated just a few kilometers away from Aheloy. The picturesque town of Nessebar lies 7 km. northeast from Aheloy, as its newly built houses to the north almost merge with the resort. One of the most luxurious resorts along the Bulgarian coast - Sunny Beach (Slanchev Bryag) - is located next to Nessebar. Noteworthy, lots of excursions in the country and abroad are organised for holiday-makers and tourists during the weekends or at the end of their holidays.

Accommodation: Private houses with rooms and flats to rent offer the largest choice of accommodation in the village.

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Catering: Small private restaurants, snack bars and off-road caravans with snacks, beer and soft drinks abound in the town and along the beech. One can also buy fruit and vegetables directly from local producers.

Transport: High-frequency bus lines connect Aheloy to connecting Bourgas. Route taxis, minibuses and ordinary taxis run along the same route as well. Private water transport to connecting Bourgas and connecting Nessebar can be used upon agreement with boatsmen.

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