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10 Feb, 2017Laquisha ( Hey Doc, this is not!I take it this is your second sexually suggestive remarks in one week.Why do I have a funny feeling that you have been dumped by your better half? 
24 Aug, 2012Horst ( We stayed at the West Cromwell Hotel right by the Earls Court Tube stop and enoyejd it. Right by a 24 hour grocery store and a bunch of affordable restaurants and Internet cafes. Rooms were clean, private bath, comfortable bed. The rates for October seem to be around 26-32 pounds, but here's the link so you can look for specific dates. 
20 Jun, 2008Your name ()Subject ..filthy.. 
20 Jun, 2008pissed off ().. horrible as it gets..a 24 hour hell hole of rip-offs..complete trash..if you fancy your worst nightmares lied out as a traveler..highly unrecommended.. 
20 Jun, 2008RegularIrishBloke ()Lev_Golden Strand Really..the filthiest rip-off low budget rip-off,rip-off-and can't say it enough rip-off shit-hole with nothing to offer but conning you in EVERY which way you can imagine-and then surprising you finally at last by ripping you off EVEN further..expect to pay big time for everything-to sit,to shit,to piss,to sample the shitty cocktails in shitty bars,to vomit the over-priced food eaten in crappy restaurants specializing in eighties house music BLARING in your face,waiters who forget their language when you question the rip-off bill,no sleep-AT ALL_for days on end then try the beach where some horrible bloke tells you you have to pay to sit there-pay to walk past that-pay to see that-pay to listen to his grubby,greedy,lame ass peasant bullshit--can't say it enough,the most vile and disgusting rip off I have ever witnessed.Expect to be ripped off permanently 24 hours a day-and when you attempt to leave-expect a smiling customs man to sway you into the duty-free to squeeze out whats left of your wallet.
Its shit.
Truly the shittiest place I've ever imagined.
A toilet of this planet.
A skidmark on the knickers of life.

18 Jul, 2007John4 ( Pliska Do not I repeat do not touch this hotel with a 10 ft pole. I thought I was in the wild west. The rabble were allowed to get away with whatever they wanted. Family hotel my backside, it is a Club 18-30 at best. It also smells in certain rooms, so good luck to anyone who has booked, especially via Balkan Tours your in for a rough ride. 
15 Jul, 2007john harold ( in Golden Sands reply to DJK.

Am here on 15th July and its 28 degrees. We have air conditioning and it is very necessary.It gets even hotter in August so AC IS a must  
06 Jul, 2007Nikola ( Hi everybody, i am Nikola. I've searched everywhere and i can't find suitable rooms in golden sand. If anybody knows rooms that i can arrange gor 2 person to 10 euros from 1 august please contact me METLICIC88@HOTMAIL.COM 
29 Jun, 2007DJK ( Hey everybody, im goin to golden sands in mid August, How's the weather there coz me n ma friends r goin to a 2Stars hotel with no AC. is it ok or its hot?  
26 Jun, 2007dj moon ( if your not the type to keep your kids up all night you should be fine, the brigade are out arond 9-10pm . there are plenty of fun for the kids all day long and the people love familys there, its the early hours that you will have your eyes opened. just be firm and tell anyone that approaches you to go away. if your not down bar street with the hubby and kids at 4 5 and 6 am you will be fine :) 
17 Jun, 2007Angela Fisher ( kids to Golden Sands Hi. Have just read some of reviews and am now bit worried that I'm due to go there with hubby and 3 kids. Can anyone put my mind as ease as have mental image of been ripped off right left and centre and been approached by hookers whereever we go!! Please help... 
04 Jun, 2007steve ( not sure we mostly go inland but this time we are going to golden sands so i cant say if the rate is less on the coast than inland. In land is about the same as here, we go this week and have found the halifax bank to have the best rate by about 2p per lev. 
01 Jun, 2007sam ( thanx steve is it best to get it here or there?? 
01 Jun, 2007steve ( you get about 2.6 levs to the 1 so a lev is about 37p 
28 May, 2007DANNY ( hi can any one tell me how much LEV you get to the there 
25 May, 2007sam ( Rate hi can any one tell me wot the Exchange Rate is out there?? is it best to get it here or there,and where from, thanks for your time.
01 May, 2007Julia ( for a guy just got back from golden sands and met a guy who worked for lions pub,is 18-i guess-and his name is Yan.forgot to ask for email address. i liked the resort-and the guy too:P 
28 Apr, 2007dj moon ( groups no matter what your age get yourself over there...
bonkers does exactly what it says on the tin... its bonkers had the time of my life there and the players club next door where the girls are hot.
who ever said there is no hookers in golden sands must be fookin blind.
the blue jean white handbag brigade will cater for your needs, hell i had 2 in 1 session, live a little and get out there
yes there are kids and familys out there, and yes if you are with your wife you will still get approached by hookers all night long... and there not all women so you have been warned LOL
but if you got kids to take the best bet is to take them to kermits kareoke or what ever its called on bar street, its a family run family welcome place no hookers.
venture further up bar street and your asking for trouble... not if your out there for a good time though.
stayed at hotel odessos and ill go again thats for sure.
forget going half board or all in there are lots and lots of places to go out and eat and cheap and you get a belly full
so for those of you posting who seem like you stayed in your hotel rooms all week... wake up, the place is rocking, every nationalality you can meet and yes even the germans were great... bonkers crew you guys rock cant wait to get back out there
29 Mar, 2007Antoinette ( Range Hi All, I beleive Peter aske this questions in Feb and even though I know this is not a Forum and is just for comments I was wondering if anybody got bqack to him? Is Golden Sands more for the middle aged visitors or do alot of 20 somethings go there?  
14 Feb, 2007Tom Lynch ( HOTEL Hi all im heading out soon to ATLAS HOTEL.Anyone got any info. on it,any bit at all will be very helpful thanks. 
12 Feb, 2007Peter ( Range can anyone tell me what the age range of this place is, is it popular with young people or does it tend to attract middle age people/families and couples? thank you 
09 Jan, 2007Sasha (!! hey everyone!
I was in Golden Sands in August,left August guys are right,it's amaizng,especially the night life!Arrogance is very nice,luved it!:)
I met a guy Nasa there,his full name is Nassar Nassar,and got lost in this big world!:(well if somebody knows anything about him(he stayed in Iternational Hotel)around the first 2 weeks in August,lemme now!thank you!
p.s my email is 
06 Nov, 2006KATIE ( does any1 happen t know any sites that i can get pics of inside de clubs in golden sands and a pik of the front of bonkers , i went not long ago n goin bk agen nxt year tryin 2 convince sum more m8s t come but they think it ul b crap!! send me an email plz if ya know of any thankz xxx 
02 Nov, 2006katie ( bulgaria is absolutly fantastic ..went 4 2 weeks n had a gr8 time , loved bonkers one ov the best clubs i have been in .. goin agen in july wit the girls should be gr8 !!! if any 1 knos any site i can find pics ov bonkers on send me an email ( ) thankz ppl xxx 
15 Oct, 2006;) ( sands, hotel shipka went here last year, wot a bag ov shit!! neva agen!! go 2 benidorm :) much better
06 Oct, 2006marjorie ( pliska golden sands was there from 17th sept till 29th tried to get backhome from the 22nd as the hotel is a {brothel!!} friends and i watched prostitutes paying for rooms taking punters to the room and then leaving after the deed was done .then they would return with another punter a short time later, this went on all through the holiday from hell.i have written to balken tours to demand a full refund. it was my 1st ever holiday ,and probably my last,balking tours opperator in varna airport ,admitted to us all when we left that BALKAN HOLIDAYS know PLISKA IS A BROTHEL, the young receptionist has a face you'd like to slap,she hasnt a clue about manners ,or how to smile and be polite,we felt she thought ,she was a cut above .erm she is soooooooo wrong. i WOULDNT GO FREE TO PLISKA AGAIN .HELL NO. BALKIN U ARE ,.,...,.., how about telling paying guests the truth about pliska ,that way you'd give them the choice wheather or not they chose a brothel.tis only fair ,im disgusted tosay the least. 
29 Sep, 2006Ms Lee ( Sands Arrived at the airport and tried to get information from the reps to ask where to catch the local bus and cost of taxi to Golden Sands was. They were very apprehensive to provide any information whatsoever! Obviously the Bulgarians in the resort areas want to help each other out, which means 'Ripping the tourist off as much as possible!! Found where to catch the bus from by an airport employee. Exit the main doors and turn right and the stand is in the middle of the road Bus no 409 (1 lev 80 per person)will take you outside the resort. You can walk down the hill from there. (10 min to the resort). Apparently its 40 lev max to get a taxi from airport to Golden Sands.

Stayed for a week at Kaliaraka, half board basis. The rooms stunk of cigarette smoke, there was no kettle in the bedrooms either!
The staff were ok intially, although their moods changed after a couple off days which seemed rather negative! Hotels was full off Germans! Food was orientated for the Germans! Which was ok, as all foods can be the same when you go to a different countries!

The locals around the resort seemed very rude and ignorant and their attitude seemed to be 'you owe us all a favour!'. Even when you were trying items to possibly purchase, they were pushy then decided they didnt want to sell to you! Which was daft as it wasnt busy! They are lazy and bone idle!

Ive back packed the world and I would never recommend this place to anyone to go to!

There is a national park there too, which shouldnt be missed.
28 Sep, 2006pauline ( kristal got back two weeks ago. hotel great, clean, staff friendly. food not bad, could've been hotter. beach great, bars and restaurants great and best of all cheap! weather good 82 degrees most days. saw 2 jelly fish in the sea.dont worry about hookers or people trying to get you into their bars/restaurants. just say no thanks and everyone is fine. would def go back 
14 Sep, 2006jimmy ( olden sands is brill? i was there in may and july with ma m8s an were goin back nxt year. i recomend muppet bar i met a nice wee blonde chick rossi there! the ppl r friendly as hell n the beach is top notch. the only thing 2 watch out 4 is the hookers but u dont worry just take the piss out of them happy holz 
06 Sep, 2006Helen ( Golden sands Golden Sands is excellent.
wouldnt recommend what that last guy said about picking up women for sex on the beach (all in your mind son) as most of the women in the clubs look like they have disease. 
25 Aug, 2006Yoko ( Things u guys ought to watch out for:
- Never exchange money at a change bureau there, the will rip u off. If ur stuck without money better pay the 1quid extra and use an ATM, or just change ur money in Varna where ur far less likely to get cheated.
- Lots of restaurants may seem very nice, but most of them just have bullshit unqualified cooks who simply improvise. Here are the best places - if u want authentic bulgarian food go to the FISHERMAN'S VILLAGE, which is at the end of the beach to ur left (if ure looking at the sea). They have a proper cook, meat and fish are fresh and there is good, real eastern european (They play Serbian, Croatian and Macedonian songs too) live music. As for hotels, they are not even worth the bother when it comes to food (unless perhaps Admiral or Kempinski which are 5*s).
-Best place to eat if ur sick of bulgarian food, improvised pseudo-european cuisine and doner kebabs is La Primavera (proper italian restaurant) next to the Piccadily shopping mall (its out of the golden sands resort but ought to cost u max 15lv to get there). It is not expensive (especially for the brits) and you will get the service u deserve (i.e. u can return ur meals if u dont like them and they will cook new ones the way u want them chargefree. Complain without then swearing at u in bulgarian too) plus the coffee there is very good.
- They also have good seafood on the golden dreams boat restaurant which has a lovely view of the beach. This one is however very expensive.
As for hotels, I would recommend sirena for prices as the rooms are quite nice for a 3* hotel / can't really say much bout the kids club, im only 19 but its apparently all bullshit (y is it that i always think of spain when i say bullshit...)
- As for clubs my best reccomendation is Arrogance as it is a club by definition and its fair prices too for its standart. Another lesser one of this sort is the Pr club. All the other clubs on party street are quite hectic but good meatmarkets. If u want a more chilled out meatmarket try out malibu coz it also has a bar on the beach so u can both chill out there and take away girls for some sex on the beach (YEAH! EXTREEEEEME!). Malibu also has a good sound system and u can dance on the tables n the levels in front of the dj if ur drunk enough.
- Oh yeah and one extra thing, if some security guard comes n tells u its forbidden to piss on the beach and there's a fine, gently tell him to fuck off (bulgaria has moved away from communism but the black sea hasn't been privatised yet!). I fu want to avoid them just go piss further down so its not right in front of the club.
As for taxis, all of them have conventionally agreed to rip u off so its hard to find a proper price. Best choice is to order a taxi through ur hotel and here are the prices u should pay:
Golden Sands to Varna: 15-18 lv. max.
Golden Sands to Balchik: 20-24lv. max.
Golden Sands to St.St. Constantin and Elena: 7-10 lv. max.
Golden Sands to Piccadily shopping mall (where La Primaver is): 10-13 lv. max.
Bargain with them, tell them u have asked the hotel receptionist for the prices beforehand, thats all u have etc... What u ought to pay is between 0.60 and 0.70 lv. per minute but u're highly unlikely to pull that off if ur not bulgarian so ur best hope is 1lv. per minute/kilometer.

If ure a bit streetwise and careful with ur money u will definetly have a fucking great time there! (Just for the record; I have never thought of golden sands as a family place) 
23 Aug, 2006Sholle ( Golden Sands is very nice place... and it very easy to find privet rooms from 5-10euro at local peoples neer beach. there is also nude beach and vas very nice. if u need some advice u can write me on 
20 Aug, 2006chris ( sands the place is a shit hole! dont bother 
20 Aug, 2006kirsty & deano ( sands jus back from holidays in golden sands,absolutely loved it!without a doubt wil be goin back very soon!loved the nitelife,arrogance was amazin,definatley reccomend this club to every1 its got 4 halls rave an techno,rnb n hiphop,pop and folk then theres the chillout lounge!!!drinks as cheap as water!1.50 4 a double vod an coke!steamboat city!!stayed in pliska hotel,wuz alrite lyk but entertainment wasnt the best,same blonde women (tried to) sing every nite,put ur head away!hotel staff were nice an friendly though!watch out 4 germans,this hotel is largely catered for them especially at breakfast!the pool was good though and lifeguard borris was a lovely fella.michael who worked on the cocktail bar lovely fella 2,great craic!shops are good and cheap,go 2 varna in the markets,real good bargains!some nice places to eat like angels steak house,lions pub,mamma mias and steak house lights.all in all a brilliant holiday!loved it! 
19 Aug, 2006Linda And Mark August 2006 ( Kristal,Golden Sands Hotel was clean and very friendly.Food was very poor for evening meals but the breakfast was good.Entertainment was good for the children but was very poor for the adults.Did anybody see Dean Noon?.Is that what you call entertainment?.However Bulgaria was a lovely place and we would recomend it to anybody.We will certainly be going back one day soon. 
18 Aug, 2006Aoife ( Laugh..... Oh my God id go back to Golden Sands in the morning if i had a chance. Brilliant night life, just got better and better every night. Arrogence has to be the best, followed by Pr. Club or bonkers. BRILLIANT PLACE, goin back next year. 
17 Aug, 2006iki ( sands ROCKS!!!! well first i would like to say that golden sands is the best sea resort ina ll bulgaria and club arrogance is my favourite. but any of you guys ever go there don't go to the varshava hotel. we were supposed to get a buffet for dinner but there was none... the top of it all was when we got on omlette for dinner. and plus the rooms are so small you can't even put three kids in thems. three big guys like us everyone 24 yrs old were fitted in a two bed room and they put in an extra bed so we felt like we were in jail or something... varshava is a rip off so stay away!!!  
10 Aug, 2006mia ( Changing Just returned from Bulgaria and even with the greatest knowledge was ripped for 20 at a Golden sands beach currency changer. Got desperate to get 100 changed to get gifts and went to one that apparenly was offering 2.84. After they took cash and asked my wife to sign ... silly I know ... they gave her 2.29 and said the 2.84 was "selling price". Please make sure before you hand over cash that its the rate for "buying".
I decided to take a photo of the place which is on The beach promenade just in from far left of Golden sands. I tried to take cashiers photo, but after 1 minute I was approached by a by a bulgarian thug who said "NO CAMERA" and "not my problem" and left in no doubt , ( gun inside his shorts ) to leave.

Have Picture ... if anyone wants it please email as I don't want anyone else to get street mugged as we did. 
07 Aug, 2006nicola ( golden sands is a great place for partying and also for kids no trouble what so ever brilliant place stayed at sirena hotel, people are nice and brilliant with the kids except for the kids club which myself was pretty crap and waste of money for the kids which is supposed to be free. see you next year. 
05 Aug, 2006Basia ( I'm searching for Valentin. He is a Santa Claus in Golden Sands. He works at evenings. So if anyone can find him... Let me know. I don't even have his e-mail adress. Golden Sands are the best!  
04 Aug, 2006cooper ( sirena Hi, there is 10 of us going to hotel sirena in august ages 3-61. has anyone beenot this hotel i hear mixed reports about it. Also is there plenty for kids to do at night in golden sands, ie bouoncy casstles or anything. thanks 
04 Aug, 2006Arbeitsfurer ( Sands in September I want to go on holiday on Golden Sands from 24th of August. Can anyone tell me are there still enough tourists in that period (end of August - begining of September). Someone that have experience from previous years :-) By "Tourists" I mean young people ready to party....  
04 Aug, 2006Markus ( are you? Hi to all,
i came back today from Golden Sands. I went to the Muppet Karaoke Bar 4 nights, it was really really great! Each night! Especially last night (2nd of august 2006) i met a nice girl from liverpool. Unfortunately i forgot to ask her for her eMail Adress. Does anybody know anything of her? She's about 24, blond hair and she was here with her parents and her little brother (i think). I danced with her for example on the song "I had time of my life" (dirty dancing). I think her name was Jena (of Thelma? Jo-Anna?)
Please contact me if you know anything... Thanks!
Viva la Golden Sands! 
31 Jul, 2006Dee ( resort I thought Golden sands was fantastic, one of the best holidays I've ever had, evrything to do through the day and night life was ace, would recommend going to "Arrogence" night club if you like a dance, Malibu is more for the 16 yr olds, PR club is not bad either. The bulgarian people are lovely and its cheap, the food is not great, I just ate steak, toasties and pizza all time but it depends what you like, good place to eat is Mamma mia and if you like indian the one on party street is nice, Happy Holidays  
15 Jul, 2006Me ;-) ( for a Girl from serbia Hey Sania?? i dont know if i understood your name right but i hope:-) I just know that you were 21 and we danced together.but i had to go and know i hope to get your email adress so we can stay in contact? we met in arrogance club?? I hope to get an answer?? 
14 Jul, 2006mgt ( enquiry i've just been told that there was flash flooding in golden sands last week.and heard horrific stories about it. we're going to iberostar obzor in july with a young child . can anyone tell me if it's true ? 
14 Jul, 2006mgt ( enquiry i've just been told that there was flash flooding in golden sands last week.and heard horrific stories about it. we're going to iberostar obzor in july with a young child . can anyone tell me if it's true ? 
14 Jul, 2006sam ( someone help hi i`m going to golden sands in july and i`m staying in hotel pliska has any one been there if they have please can you tell me what it`s like because i have heard bad things about it and i am a little bit worried! 
11 Jul, 2006Olga ( Hello! I was staying in Golden Sands from 23.06 till 7.07. As for food, well, i think it's not that bad )) only national peculiarities like a lot of brynza, large portions. It's better to eat european cuisine. As to night clubs, i prefered Arrogance. 4 dancefloors with different music styles. Was once at Bonkers and saw only teenagers of max 16. There are a lot of girls in the streets inviting you to the discos. Happy holidays! 
09 Jul, 2006ann marie ( hi,im thinkin of goin to golden sands in late september...bit worrid coz ive read a few bad things on the food....can anyone tell me theyve been and wot the food is really like... 
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