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Roussalka, Bulgaria

Location map: Roussalka
Known also as: Russalka, Rusalka, Rousalka

Distance to district city: 59 km.

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Sightseeing nearby: Shabla Cape - Kaliakra Cape - Yaylata / Kamen Briag - Dourankoulak Moor - Taukliman

Location: In a rocky area near the sea, the resort of Roussalka (i.e. named after the Bulgarian word for ‘mermaid’) is situated 14 km east of Kavarna and 59km away from the city of Varna. The coast here is dented by small bays, covered by sand, pebbles, bigger stones and even rocks.

History: The resort of Roussalka is a pretty new one as it was established in 1968 in the famous Taukliman (Birds’ Bay in Turkish) – the latter declared a nature reserve. The resort is a real birds’ paradise, even if the number of its bird species has declined significantly after the resort started functioning.

Places of Interest: The village of Kamen Bryag (Stone Coast) is just a few kilometres away to the north of Roussalka. A couple of kilometres more down to the sea coast one is faced with the famous Yaylata area. Yaylata, which is almost inaccessible if one does not count a few pathways through the rocks, features picturesque rocky bays and about 40 caves with their mouths in the steep rocks. Interestingly, most of the caves have smoothened walls with holes dug into them, (unnatural) rectangular entrances, and primitive cave paintings which makes archeologists believe that Yaylata hosted a cave settlement in ancient times.

Accommodation: The holiday city, constructed along amphitheatrical terraces, offers 522 chalets (bungalows) with a beautiful sea view. The chalets are surrounded by trees, shrubs and green areas and thus offer complete privacy. The complex holds various facilities for recreation and sports, including water sports: tennis courts, biking alleys, fitness and balneology centres, yachting facilities, open-air theater, etc.

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Catering: The usual abundance of restaurants and snack-bars is complemented by a discotheque and a bar, offering live shows.

Transport: Regular bus transport is complemented by private minibuses and taxis. One can also negotiate low-fare sea transport from Roussalka to the nearby town of Kavarna, the Kaliakra cape, nearby villages or camping sites with local boat owners.

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