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Shkorpilovtsi, Bulgaria

Location map: Shkorpilovtsi
Distance to district city: 42 km.

Price Category: 3 What's this?

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Location: Shkorpilovtsi is a small village resort on the Bulgaria's Black Sea Coast, situated 42 kilometers to the south of Bulgarian sea capital, Varna, and 30 kilometers to the north of the Byala sea resort. The village lies only 100 meters away from one of the most beautiful Bulgarian beaches.

History: The Shkorpilovtsi resort was named after the Czech-Bulgarian archaeologist brothers Hermann and Karel Shkorpil, who have been citizens of Varna for a long-time.

Accommodation: Private lodgings at low prices abound in the village. In addition, there is a hotel complex named "Jordash" situated 500 m. away from the village, which offers hotel rooms, villas and bungalows.

Transport: There is regular bus transport to Shkorpilovtsi from the city of Varna and the resort town of Byala. This is complemented by private taxis and minibuses during the holiday season.

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