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Welcome to Sightseeing category on Click on a link below to read an article and explore the most beautiful parts of Bulgarian Black Sea Coast with detailed information, pictures and impressions of other visitors.

Aladzha Monastery

Aladzha Monastery photo The Aladzha rock monastery is situated only a few kilometers south of the Riviera Holiday Club and Zlatni Pyasatsi (Golden Sands) resorts and is also a part of the Zlatni Pyasatsi natural park. The distance to Varna is 16 km. read more

Alepou Marsh

The Alepou marsh is located in the southern part of the Bulgarian coast, about 6.5 kilometers south of the town of Sozopol and about 1 kilometer south of the Duni resort. read more

Beglik Tash

Beglik Tash photo Beglik Tash represents a natural phenomenon of huge megaliths that were later carved by a Thracian tribe and were used as a place for pagan ceremonies. It is situated close to the southern seaside town of Primorsko. It is a bit hard to reach as signs are nowhere to be found, save for one at the entrance of Primorsko, if one drives into the town from the main seaside road from Bourgas to the Bulgarian-Greek border. Nevertheless, it is worth making the effort to find it as in our view, the place is comparable in historic value and beauty to the biggest Thracian sanctuary in Bulgarian lands, Perperikon (close to the town of Kurdzhali). read more

Botanic Garden

Botanic Garden photo The Botanic Garden of Balchik lies in the heart of the town, which in turn is situated 31km north of Varna in a beatiful inlet. read more

Dourankoulak Moor

Dourankoulak Moor photo The Dourankoulak Moor is the farthest northern place of interest along the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. Its distance to the Dourakoulak village and the border with Romania is less than 6 km. The distance to Varna is 82 km. A gritty natural mound separates the moor from the sea, though these still remain connected via a canal. read more

Emine Cape

Emine Cape photo The central cape of the Stara Planina Mountain called Emine is situated just a few kilometres to the south of the town of Obzor. Emine and the Kaliakra cape are the two most impressive Bulgarian capes at the Black Sea coast. The Emine cape ends with a 60-metre-long steep rock, which dives into the sea. The rock, together with the lighthouse perking over it, attracts with its beauty those travelling by water between Bourgas and Varna. read more

Kaliakra Cape

Kaliakra Cape photo Kaliakra is a beautiful cape close to the Romanian border. Usually, it is the final stop of foreign tourists looking for pretty sights and interesting places to the north of Varna. Close to Kaliakra (12 km.) one can visit the town of Kavarna, which lies 60 km away from Varna. read more

Kamchiya River

Kamchiya River photo The mouth of the Kamchiya River is situated 34 km south of Varna, or in the middle of the coast line stretching out to the town of Byala. read more

Pomorie Lake

Pomorie Lake photo The Pomorian Lake is a natural over-salted lagoon, situated to the north of the town of Pomorie, which in turn lies some 20 km to the north of the seaside city of Bourgas. In fact, the lake’s southern shore borders falls within the town’s limits. The lake is separated from the sea by a natural sand strip and a synthetic dike, while a canal in its southern part supplies the lake with fresh water from the Black Sea. Interestingly, the strip’s sand is black in colour due to its high content of ferrooxide. read more

Rezovska River

Rezovska River photo The mouth of Rezovska River is goes to the sea right next to the village of Rezovo and is the farthest southern point of the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. Rezovska River (Paspalderesi in Turkish) is also a natural border of Bulgaria with Turkey. read more

Ropotamo River

Ropotamo River photo The mouth of the Ropotamo river is situated in the middle of the coast line stretching between the holiday city of Duni and the town of Primorsko, about 45km to the south of Bourgas. read more

Shabla Cape

Shabla Cape photo The Shabla Cape is situated about 5km east of the town of Shabla. It is the farthest eastern point of Bulgaria. read more

Silistar Protected Area

Silistar Protected Area photo The Silistar protected area covers the territory between the villages of Sinemoretz and Rezovo. The fabulous Silistar beach lies several hundred meters off the road. read more


Taukliman photo The area of Taukliman (meaning literally Birds' Bay in Turkish) lies 16km north of Kavarna and 61km away from the city of Varna, with the high-class resort of Roussalka being its southern neighbour. The coast here is dented by small bays, covered by sand, pebbles, bigger stones and even rocks. read more

Veleka River

Veleka River photo The Veleka river springs from a region in Turkey, situated very close to the Bulgarian-Turkish border. The river meanders through the virgin nature of the Strandzha mountain before flowing into the Black Sea. Its mouth is particularly beautiful for the way the river sinks underground to flow into the sea beneath a relatively wide strip of sand. The mouth of Veleka is only 4km south of Ahtopol and at the very northern end of the village of Sinemoretz. read more

Yaylata / Kamen Briag

Yaylata / Kamen Briag photo The Stone Coast (Kamen Bryag in Bulgarian; known also as 'Yaylata') is situated about 60km north of Varna. It lies on the sea coast between the beautiful Kaliakra and Shabla capes. A village by the same name of Kamen Bryag (Stone Coast) is located 2km north of the Yaylata area. read more

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