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Alepou Marsh, Bulgaria

Location map: Alepou Marsh
Known also as: Alepu, Alepou Nature Reserve, Alepu Lagoon

Resorts nearby: Sozopol - Duni

Location: The Alepou marsh is located in the southern part of the Bulgarian coast, about 6.5 kilometers south of the town of Sozopol and about 1 kilometer south of the Duni resort.

History and General Info: The name Alepou comes from Greek and literally means the Fox's Marsh. The pool is 3.3 kilometers long and up to 320 meters wide. In 1986 the marsh was declared a protected area, a part of the Ropotamo reserve. Currently Alepou is a popular place for nature lovers and bird-watchers.

Transport: The Alepou reserve can be accessed by car - it is situated next to the road connecting Duni to Primorsko.
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