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Dourankoulak Moor, Bulgaria

Location map: Dourankoulak Moor
Known also as: Dourankulak Moor, Durankulak Moor, Durankoulak Moor

Resorts nearby: Roussalka - Shabla - Krapets

Location: The Dourankoulak Moor is the farthest northern place of interest along the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. Its distance to the Dourakoulak village and the border with Romania is less than 6 km. The distance to Varna is 82 km. A gritty natural mound separates the moor from the sea, though these still remain connected via a canal.

History and General Info: It is famous for hosting a number of marsh birds, including such enlisted in the Red Book of Bulgarian fauna. Unfortunately, the beautiful fauna makes the moor a very attractive place for hunters regardless of the fact that some of the bird species are protected. It is not only nature that attracts visitors to this place - the remains of the largest Eneolithic settlement in Europe have been excavated on the big island in the Dourankoulak Moor. Another attractive moor for hunters - the Shabla Lake - is located a few kilometers south of Dourankolak, between the village of Ezeretz and the town of Shabla.

Transport: The Dourankoulak Moor can be accessed by car. Alternatively one can reach the Dourankoulak village by bus or train and then take a half-an-hour walk to the moor.
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