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Emine Cape, Bulgaria

Location map: Emine Cape
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Location: The central cape of the Stara Planina Mountain called Emine is situated just a few kilometres to the south of the town of Obzor. Emine and the Kaliakra cape are the two most impressive Bulgarian capes at the Black Sea coast. The Emine cape ends with a 60-metre-long steep rock, which dives into the sea. The rock, together with the lighthouse perking over it, attracts with its beauty those travelling by water between Bourgas and Varna.

History and General Info: A small village called Emona can be found 2km away from the cape in inland direction. The village's name, Emona, comes from the ancient name of the Stara Planina mountain range, Aemon (later called Hemus). The village is famous for being the birthplace of the Thracian king Rez. He participated in the Thracian War and was killed by Odysseus and Diomedus according to Homer's "Iliad". During the Middle Ages, the cape hosted a virtually inaccessible fortress, called Emona. The fortress was part of a system of similar forts, controlled by the Karvuna autonomous principality. During the same period, the cape was surrounded by monasteries, inhabited by hermits. The remains of the fortress and those monasteries are considered to stand behind the ancient Greek name of the area and later - of the very fortress, Paleokastro (meaning Old Fortress).

Transport: The village of Emona is off the main road connecting Bourgas and Varna and hence buses in and out of the village are of a relatively low frequency. The village is not a popular seaside resort among Bulgarian and foreign tourists alike, and hence private taxis and minibuses are also not to be relied on. The cape can be reached on foot or by car from the village.
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