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Pomorie Lake, Bulgaria

Location map: Pomorie Lake
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Location: The Pomorian Lake is a natural over-salted lagoon, situated to the north of the town of Pomorie, which in turn lies some 20 km to the north of the seaside city of Bourgas. In fact, the lake’s southern shore borders falls within the town’s limits. The lake is separated from the sea by a natural sand strip and a synthetic dike, while a canal in its southern part supplies the lake with fresh water from the Black Sea. Interestingly, the strip’s sand is black in colour due to its high content of ferrooxide.

History and General Info: In the past, the town of Pomorie stood on an island that was connected to the mainland via two sand strips – one to the north and one to the west.
The Pomorian Lake is about 8 km long (in north-south direction), while its maximum width is 2 km. It covers an area of some 7-8.5, while its waters are relatively shallow, of an average depth of 1.4 m.

Thanks to the lake’s high salinity (6-8%, or about two times more than the one of the Black Sea), local people have obtained salt from its waters via evaporation ever since antiquity. Apart from that, the lake’s bed is covered with black mud rich in microelements and minerals, that is used for treatment of dermal and locomotor diseases.

One of the main migrational routes of birds in Europe – Via Pontica – passes over the Pomorian Lake. According to the latest data, the lake and its adjacent area hosts 259 different bird species, a large part of which are either rare or endangered. With the aim of protecting the endangered species of birds, mammals, plants and invertebrates, in 2001 the Pomorian Lake and its adjacent area were declared protected area according to Bulgarian law. Since mid-2010, thanks to the perseverance and hard work of a renowned local green NGO, Green Balkans, a visitors’ centre (phone: +359(88)5108716 ) was opened on the southern shore of the lake. The centre aims to present the natural and cultural diversity of the area around the Pomorian Lake and serves many purposes – education, information, practical nature conservation and protection, etc. It avails of a modern interactive exhibition and adequate observational facilities – binoculars, telescopes.

The one and only Museum of Salt in Bulgaria can be found nearby the visitors’ centre, too.

Transport: The visitors’ centre is situated in the town of Pomorie, on the southern shore of the Pomorian Lake, right next to the Museum of Salt. It can be reached either on foot or by car. If one comes from the centre of the town, he/she needs to pass by the Mud Bath, Grand Hotel Pomorie and the Pomorie Stadium. The distance from the central square of the town (the main bus stop for intercity transport) to the visitors’ centre is some 1.5km. Signs, showing the way to the visitors’ centre are soon to be placed by the Green Balkans NGO on the main streets of Pomorie and the town’s two entrance points.
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