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Veleka River, Bulgaria

Location map: Veleka River
Resorts nearby: Ahtopol - Sinemoretz

Location: The Veleka river springs from a region in Turkey, situated very close to the Bulgarian-Turkish border. The river meanders through the virgin nature of the Strandzha mountain before flowing into the Black Sea. Its mouth is particularly beautiful for the way the river sinks underground to flow into the sea beneath a relatively wide strip of sand. The mouth of Veleka is only 4km south of Ahtopol and at the very northern end of the village of Sinemoretz.

History and General Info: The Veleka river is one of the most romantic and ecologically clean rivers of the country. The misty shroud over it in the early morning is an unforgettable sight. Veleka is an inseparable part of the Strandzha natural park and is one of the key charms of the region, together with the Rezovska river. The mountain was declared a natural park in 1995 (in fact being the largest one in Bulgaria) and is one of the least explored in Bulgaria, which explains the richness of its wildlife. The mountain also has a lot of caves (particularly in its western part), traces of ancient civilisations (such as stone figures, sun discs carved in stone, Thracian dolmens, fortress walls, protobulgarian sanctuaries, etc).
Once, the road to Turkey passed along the banks of Veleka and according to local legends, the area still hides unfound treasuries and gold. Its waters are rich in fish, while similarly to the entire Strandzha mountain, its wild banks give shelter to game, with field birds, waterfowl and raptors being a usual sight. One of the most famous settlements on its banks is the village of Kosti, which appeals to tourists for its authentically ancient spirit and way of living, including the preservation of old customs such as barefoot dancing on glowing embers (so-called called ‘nestinarski’ dances). The villa complex of Chuchurinkata, which lies 5km away from the village of Gramatikovo on the banks of the river, is also popular among holidaymakers for the serenity of the surrounding nature and the primitive comfort the villas offer. The villas’ electricity is generated by big batteries, while water is supplied from a nearby spring. The villas are equipped with stoves and fireplaces and are used during all around the year.

Transport: There are a few daily buses from Ahtopol to Sinemoretz and hence, to the mouth of Veleka, although it is possible to walk the 6km distance between the two settlements provided weather is nice and one is not burdened by luggage.

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